3rd Graders Think Kahoot is a Hoot!

Crystal Mehrhoff

BYOD Tool : Kahoot!

I made a short quiz using Kahoot to review my third graders' knowledge of place value. In case the link doesn't work, here's an alternate link. https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/b0487cbd-74b8-4523-b993-ed466f303fb0

Lesson Description

My student's have been reviewing and practicing place value up to the hundred thousands place. We have reviewed in class and I am preparing them for a retest. I used Kahoot for one more way to try to get the information in their tiny little heads!

CO:3.2D Compare and order whole numbers up to 100,000 and represent comparisons using the symbols.

LO: 2D Listening and 1A Learning new strategies

A: do Lesson 5: visual learning on smart board and complete guided practice and independent practice

-Journal Activity-

-Kahoot Review-

M: smartboard, Journal, paper, pencil


How'd It Go?

It went really well as far as keeping the student's engaged. They wished for more problems because there were only four. They had a great time using technology in a new way and I had a great time watching them learn. It reminds me that no matter how busy I get, I need to strive to use tools like Kahoot! in class. It took me about thirty minutes to get everything together and up on the Kahoot! website but that was because I was using my cell phone while I rocked my son to sleep! Multitasking at its finest. It would have been much faster had I done it on a computer. It was very simple to set up and worth the time. I haven't experimented with the students using their own devices on the school network yet, but I'm interested to see how that will all work out. I've had trouble in the past getting them all on the network, but maybe all the bugs have been worked out. We just used a few of the technology tools that I have available in my classroom thanks to Donors Choose and my cell phone. We didn't have any connection issues. I'm leaving this lesson promising the students that we will do this again, and soon!