Robot's in Action

by Paavani Panganamamula


Have you ever heard of robots that help people? Well, robots do a lot of work. They do complex jobs, or save lives. Some examples of robots are the Gemini-Scout, Dante 2, Mr. Gower, and Agribot.

Mr. Gower

Mr. Gower is a helper for doctors and nurses. It takes medicine to doctors and nurses with their tiny metal cabinet storage in their body. They can even treat doctors and nurses when they are sick! Mr. Gower is also battery powered. Charge him for two hours, and your robots ready to go!


An Agribot is a robot that helps farmers when they are farming. They pick fruit. An Agribot can also detect a fruit by its color and if it’s ripe or not! Agribots come in different shapes and sizes depending on what their job is on the farm.


As you can see, these robots are really friendly. They can do other jobs, too. They can detect glass, help around the house, or save miners. Robots are the answer to our problems.