Darling of Olympus was Kidnapped

King of Underworld takes Persephone to be his bride.

The Real Story.

While picking flowers with her friends Persephone (daughter of Zeus and Demeter) was "Goddnapped" by the infamous Hades. The tragedy happened on a sunny day. The lord of the underworld states that "I was just to in love to resist!" So he swept her away on his chariot. Demeter noticed that Persephone was gone and instantly started searching the face of the earth for her. She forgot about the Earth and left all the living things to perish.

I interviewed Demeter on her opinions on the kidnapping.(see video below) Meanwhile Zeus stepped in to prevent the extinction of all living things. He made Hades hand over Persephone to her mother. In the midst of Hermes trying to carry Persephone away Hades gave her four pomegranate seed for a "snack". Seems pretty harmless right? Wrong!!! Those pomegranate seeds were the food of the dead. So long story short Persephone has to stay with Hades in the underworld for four months out of every year, while the earth suffers with Demeter in cold winter. Although when Persphone returns the earth flourishes with life.

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Photos and videos by:

Dylynn Morris