Life During The New Deal

By: Lance Martin

Roles of Women

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women during her husband's administration.

-Frances Perkins was one of the first women to work in the New Deal program.

-Women became agents in new deal agencies

Roles of African Americans

-William Hastie became the first black federal judge in the U.S

-The Black Cabinet were like unofficial advisers to the president. They stood as the symbol of rising African American influence in the government.

-FDR's views were he wanted to help African Americans, but he felt that angering southern Democrats would jeopardize the New Deal. Because they were against aiding the African Americans.

Artist during this time

-Dorothea Lange was a photographer who was celebrated during the time of The Great Depression.

-James Agee wrote powerful descriptions that would pull feelings from those who lived in poverty and rural areas.

-Evans depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the Lower South.

Popular Entertainment in 1930s

-"The Grapes of Wrath" was a famous Hollywood film in 1940.

-"I am a fugitive from a Chain Gang" was a film about how a jobless man is lured into the life of crime.

-"The Wizard of Oz" delighted the audience by its colored photography.

-Radios provided listeners with religion, music, sports, and other forms of entertainment.

-"Fibber McGee and Molly" was a comedy that enthralled by families in living room across the country.

Sports Figures of the 1930s

-Baseball remained a popular attraction, because of the famous Babe Ruth.

-Babe Ruth was replaced in the New York Yankees by a new star, The Great Joe DiMaggio

Music during this era

-There was a new highly orchestrated type of jazz that was known as Swing.

-They even came up with dance moves to do to swing music. They were called "the jitterbug" and the Lindy Hop ( named after Charles Lindbergh)