Chromebooks for SBAC

Moving towards more a more individual education

The Right Tool for the Job

Chromebooks were chosen because they are compatible with the new SBAC computer test. Students and teachers will use them to enhance their educational experience by connecting them to their peers, their teachers, and their world using web-based tools.

But what about...?


Chromebooks programs are entirely web-based and were chosen because they work well with the SBAC test. They work well with the district cloud apps. Teachers who already have access to devices and frequently run java programs may not be a good fit to use Chromebooks. We will probably find this in math and science where they run computer simulated models. Although, for teachers who have no devices at all, there are many great math and science activities available; we will help teachers find and use these resources.


When teachers attend the Inquiry-Based professional development they will receive information about how to go paperless. Printing is costly, not only in terms of paper and ink, but also class time (passing out, collecting papers, extra or lost copies). Documents created are stored in the Cloud. A document created on a Chromebook can be printed out, if necessary. Students or teachers can print from any computer that is connected to the internet and a printer. Also, going paperless will move students towards career and college readiness. College students and professionals rarely hand their professors and bosses paper, everything is electronic.

Current 1 to 1 teachers

Teachers who are already part of a 1to1 team and are chosen to have a Chromebook cart will no longer share their current cart because they will have a Chromebook cart. Their former partner will keep their own netbook or iPad cart for the rest of this year but may have a new partner next year.


We need to meet with all site testing coordinators to make up a site schedule. Coordinators can start thinking about this and bring your questions to the February 26th meeting with Tracy and Melissa.