Milton News Bulletin

News Bulletin Summer Week 2

Good Morning,

For those in school this week you may notice some changes due to the building work starting on our two new classrooms! These are exciting times for Milton School and we are pleased that they are finally starting after a 2 month delay due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We will be doing regular video tours and pictures to keep you updated on the progress being made, and to protect and ensure safety in school there are secure building screens up around the area to keep everyone safe.

This also means that the school car park is out of bounds and parents/carers , staff , visitors etc will not be able to park in there. When you come into school to pick up/drop off your child please follow staff instructions as they will be guiding you off and on to the school site as there will not be access to leave via the car park. The main gate will be locked so if you need access to the school site (currently we are not permitting visitors unless prior booking and agreement with school) please call the school office on 01709 570246, and a staff member will be able to assist.

There will be another video coming out this week to update you on the changes and to show you the changes which are taking place in school.

Have a great week.
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Young Future

Young Future was set up to help parents and guardians with children and young people on the Autism spectrum and Mental Health. The idea of Young future started when I (Laura) had to fight for my child to get the help that he need with professional services and guided him on the recovery of Anxiety and depression. Giving the knowledge and qualifications that I have I decided I would help other parents going through the same, We have set up a support group in Bolton Upon Dearne but unfortunately due to current circumstances this is on hold.

We are still here to help! If you are wanting advice, support or just someone to chat to you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter (YoungFutureUK)

We are here to give children and young people the tools they need to a life of happiness.

Laura Taylor
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Cook - 17,497

Drake - 16,558

Kingsley - 18,609

Look how many parents logged in this week!

We had over half of our parents/ carers login this week which is great. If you haven't logged in for a while please check it out, there are lots of progression and achievements happening. This is also where teachers have been sending the zoom links for your class meetings.

R. McCabe – Epraise coordinator

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House Teams

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Hello Team Cook!

What a fantastic week it has been seeing more of you in school. It really is so exciting to get to see and talk to you. Listening to what you've been up to. For those of you who are staying at home we keep checking to see how you're all doing. We're so proud of everything you've been up to. All working so hard and being so brave in this strange time.

This week we've got two challenges for you to try and complete!!!

CHALLENGE ONE - can you draw a picture of someone famous and write down two facts about them. It could be a celebrity, a singer, a YouTuber, a film star or a sportsperson.

CHALLENGE TWO - Can you learn a new active skill? Maybe riding a bike, juggling, dribbling with a ball or maybe a handstand. Practice it lots of times until you are confident enough to let an adult film you performing your new skill!

We'll give you 5 points for each fact sheet and 5 points each new skill you send in!

Let us know on twitter @TeamCookMS how you get on. We love showing off your amazing work for others to see.

We're so proud of you all, you're superstars!

Hopefully we will see you all very soon,

Miss Hale, Mr Brown and Mr Tomlinson

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Hello Team Drake!
We cannot believe it’s been 13 weeks since we last saw some of you! It’s been amazing to see some of you returning in to school over the last couple of weeks and hearing what you’ve been up to and seeing how much you seem to have grown! Don’t forget you can keep in touch with us at any point via the Drake Twitter page @TeamDrakeMS. We love to see your posts and pictures and we love to give out housepoints for all the lovely things we see.
The Drake Captain of the Week this week goes to Kian Y3 for his amazing job on his impossipuzzles. We were really impressed Kian, well done!
Take Care, Love Mr Carr & Mrs Roberts x

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Hi there Team Kingsley. Hope you have had a amazing week. We have loved seeing your Twitter posts. All the amazing work you have all done. We are so very proud of you all. With the weather not being very good. We would love you to tweet some sunny pictures you have done. We love seeing all your work. All twitter posts earn house points so please send them. Well have a fantastic week Team Kingsley. Keep being amazing. Keep smiling. You are all awesome. Love Mrs storey & Mr Earl


Teacher Messages

I would like to thank all of the year 11 families for their continued support and the pupils for their positive attitude, resilience and hard work during what has been a difficult and unusual time for us all.

It was lovely to see some of the Y11 pupils back in school last week. We had a really great morning talking about the things we are thankful for and then creating our own gratitude trees.

I really enjoyed our first class Zoom meeting and hope to see more of you there next week.

Well done Year 11, keep up the good work!

Very best wishes

Mrs Preece

Look what #TeamMilton have been up to

Don't forget to share all your great home activities with us on twitter so we can get you in the bulletin! @school_milton

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Year 10

Year 10 have continued keeping themselves busy during lockdown with a good routine and structure each day. The pupils have been getting some fresh air and keeping active by cycling, walking or going to the beach. Others have been doing voluntary work by cutting neighbours' lawns. One pupil has been creating a history video of old railway lines in South Yorkshire and discovering these with his dad. What a fantastic adventure. One pupil has stayed optimistic by ensuring he completes his work each morning before heading out to play in the afternoon. Some other activities the pupils have done to stay positive and keep busy are camping in the back garden, baking flapjacks, and taking photographs of wildlife. Year 10 have recognised that talking is the key to staying happy. Each week through our weekly Zoom welfare chats or within school we have shared our experiences and allowed each other to offer support with a listening ear, but also to share some fun times together as well. Well done Year 10 you’ve been superb. Stay positive and keep smiling everyone!

These are just some of the pics by Year 10.


Mr Turnbull

Year 11

Anthony has been working extremely hard and created a fantastic design for the school sensory garden. I am sure you will all agree his designs are brilliant! Well done Anthony we are very proud of your continued hard work and positive attitude towards your learning!

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Eco School

Bee Drinking Station

This summer why not make your own Bee Drinking Station to provide a safe place for bees, butterflies and other flying insects to be able to get a drink of water without falling into deep water that they cant escape from.

What you need:

  • A shallow container – a pot base, an old platter, even the foil casing from a store-bought pie.
  • Pebbles, marbles or glass beads.

How to make the bee watering station:

  1. Fill the container with water so that only the tops of your marbles or pebbles are exposed. This will provide a safe landing spot for the bees when they come to drink.
  2. Place the container in a cool, shady spot or near your flower beds with the most bee activity.

*As it’s a shallow dish, don’t forget to top it up regularly.

For all the latest news on our Eco School campaign please visit our new Eco Schools Twitter page: @EcoschoolM

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Wellbeing Tip

A lot of us could think of a list of kind things to say about our friends, but struggle to think positively about ourselves. This weeks tip is to treat yourself like you would your best friend and boost your own self esteem.
Try to think of 5 things that are positive about yourself and jot these down in a list (it could be on paper or even on your phone). If you are ever feeling a bit down go back to your list and read through the positive things you’ve written about yourself for an instant mood and resilience boost.


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Hello Miltoners,

We really hope you're all well, looking after yourself and all those around you!

For parents and carers,

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing with you a few behaviour techniques to try at home. Each week in the bulletin we shall share a positive behaviour intervention. These are just techniques that we commonly use in school.

To start off this we will look at positive reinforcement and phrasing.

Sometimes we can all be guilty of focussing on the negative aspects of behaviour. Especially with the amount of time we've all been spending at home it can have a detrimental effect on our outlook. We want to make sure we all focus on what's good and to reinforce that with positively encouraging children to engage in work.

Sometimes phrases such as "if you don't do your homework you can't go on your games console/watch TV/have play time" can be changed to "as soon as you've finished your homework you can have time on your games console/watch TV/have play time". Try not to use phrases like "don't do that otherwise I will..." This will create tension and scare a child. For instance "don't run in the house" you can use "we walk in the house"

Telling a child that they can't have something can cause distress and upset as they might think it's a forever statement. Use a positive tone to help encourage this. Sensing a positive tone in someone's voice can calm a child and help them to relax and feel happier. If your child has tried hard with some work but maybe hasn't got the majority of it correct, don't punish them for what's incorrect. Find what is correct and really be positive about. Praise them with big smiles and kind words to tell them how well they've done. Then help with calmly showing them the mistakes on the other. Work with them to correct it and then praise them again.

We really hope this helps with home learning. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact school and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you,

The BIGS Team

IT Tips and Hints

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Mr Earl's IT tips and hints


If you want to screenshot work you have done or a picture on the internet or instructions you are writing about.

You can use the print screen button on your keyboard for the full screen, or if you just want a little bit of the screen, you can click and hold windows, shift and S, this will open the snipping tool where you draw a box around the bit of screen you are wanting and then paste it into your document or paint to save as a jpeg.

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Food For Life

What's in this season?

Jersey Royal Potatoes are famous for being the UK’s favourite new potato and are renowned for their unique taste, flavour, and delicate skins. However, not only do Jersey Royal Potatoes taste fantastic, they are also incredibly nutritious.

Recipe of the week!

Jersey Royal Potato Salad With Asparagus And Cherry Tomatoes


Serves 4

1kg Jersey Royals, scrubbed

300g Chantenay or small carrots

30g butter

4 lamb leg steaks

6 spring onions, sliced

120g asparagus, cut into short lengths

80g frozen petit pois or garden peas

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Handful of mint leaves, to garnish


  • Cook the Jersey Royals in lightly salted boiling water until tender – about 15-20 minutes. At the same time, cook the carrots in a separate saucepan of boiling water.
  • Melt half the butter in a large frying pan and add the lamb steaks, cooking them over a high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove from the pan, cover with foil and leave to rest in a warm place (such as a low oven).
  • Wipe out the frying pan with kitchen paper and add the remaining butter. Sauté the spring onions and asparagus for 3-4 minutes, then add the frozen peas and cook for 2-3 more minutes.
  • Drain the Jersey Royals and carrots and add them to the frying pan, tossing them gently with the asparagus mixture. Share between 4 warmed serving plates and top with the lamb steaks. Serve, seasoned with black pepper and garnished with mint leaves.

Ways of communicating with school

We have been working on ways for communication to happen between staff and pupils and parents.

We have our Epraise system already setup and you should be getting homework and tasks to do through this. If you require any help in logging in to Epraise please email

We now have class email accounts that go straight to your teacher, this can be used to email questions or photos of work that you have been doing at home. We would love to see what you have been up to too.

The emails for each class are as follows;

Don't forget we have our school twitter account feel free to share any work you have been doing for everyone to see.

If you do have any safeguarding concerns please email