Stoneleigh Home-School Connection

Communication 3-23-2020

Update - BCPS Provides Food Availability During Maryland Schools Closure March 23-27

Baltimore County Public Schools served more than 50,000 meals during the first week of the state-mandated school closure.

Beginning Monday, March 23, two additional sites will be added as meal distribution locations bringing the total to 46. BCPS students may pick up breakfast, lunch, and dinner (three meals in one bag). Students must be present to receive meals in the parking lots of the locations identified below on weekdays through Mar. 27, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

BCPS Locations (Bold and Underlined are close to Stoneleigh Elementary):

  • Arbutus Elementary School, Baltimore Highlands Elementary School, Battle Grove Elementary School, Carney Elementary School, Carriage Hill Apartments, Chadwick Elementary School, Chesapeake High School, Cove Village Apartments, Essex, in front of rental office, Deep Creek Middle School, Deer Park Middle School, Dulaney High School, Dundalk Elementary School, Dundalk High School, Elmwood Elementary School, Featherbed Elementary School,
  • Glyndon Elementary School, Halstead Academy, Hawthorne Elementary School, Johnnycake Elementary School, Kings Point Shopping Center in front of Kiddie Koach, Lansdowne High School, Logan Elementary School,
  • Middle River Middle School, Milbrook Elementary School, New Town High School, Oakleigh Elementary School, Owings Mills Elementary School, Padonia Elementary School, Parkville High School, Pleasant Plains Elementary School, Riverview Elementary School, Rosedale Library,
  • Saddle Brooke Apartments, Sandy Plains Elementary School, Scotts Branch Elementary School, Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center, Sparrows Point High School (as of Monday, Mar. 23), Stemmers Run Middle School, St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eastern Ave., Sussex Elementary School, Westchester Elementary School, Westland Gardens Apartments (as of Monday, Mar. 23), Winfield Elementary School, Woodlawn Middle School, Woodmoor Elementary School, Woodmoor Shopping Center

Need Something To Look Forward To?

You May Have Briefly Seen "SES Car Caravan"

We regret to share with all of you that at the request of BCPS we have been advised to not move forward with the planning of the Thursday, March 26th drive-through in neighborhoods. While the intent was to ensure that we were all practicing the appropriate social distances in accordance with COVID-19 guidance families found it concerning and began calling the Superintendent, Board of Education, and news media with concern. Please know that it was never the intention of any staff member to upset anyone, but know it was a manner in which staff thought they could bring joy to families while maintaining safety. Thank you for understanding.

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Touching Base and Checking In - Stoneleigh Elementary Staff To Students and Families

Ms. Fenlason (Kindergarten):

Ms Fenlason

From Ms. Gingerich (Kindergarten):

Ms Gingerich

From Ms. Hughes (Kindergarten):

Ms Hughes Kindergarten

From Mr. Zimmerman (Kindergarten):

I wanted to let all my students know that I miss them a lot and hopefully we will see each other soon. Continue to be safe and working on your reading and math. Don’t forget to have fun in this difficult time. I wish you all well.


Ms. Byrnes (Kindergarten Assistant):

Ms Byrnes

From Ms. Brune (1st Grade):

Ms Brune

From Ms. Ciattei (1st Grade):

Ms Ciattei

From Ms. Edwards (1st Grade):

Hello From Mrs Edwards My Movie

From Ms. Ghattas (1st Grade):

Ms Ghattas

From Ms. Keffer (1st Grade):

Ms Keffer

From Ms. Myers (1st Grade):

Ms Myers

From Second Grade Teachers (also known as the Carebears):

Second Grade’s Care Bear Messages

Ms. Hancheruk (Funshine Bear): Let your happy thoughts shine through you!

Ms. Kerns (Cheer Bear): Shine like a rainbow and brighten someone’s day!

Mrs. Donelan (Good Luck Bear): We are lucky to have so many amazing students!

Mrs. Howard (Bedtime Bear): Make sure you get plenty of rest!

Mrs. Ronson (Friendship Bear): We are wishing all of our friends well and we miss each of you!

Ms. Katz (Share Bear): Sharing lots of good thoughts to all of you!

Mrs. Engle (Tenderheart Bear): Sending lots of love and missing all of you!

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From Ms. Howard (2nd Grade):

Hello, Stoneleigh families!

I hope all of you are healthy and safe. My days are filled with trying to keep my son on task with the extra distractions home. We’ve set up a work zone in the house away from as many distractions as possible, but the furry ones (our 2 dogs) don’t seem to understand. I miss seeing all of the smiling faces at school every day and I can’t wait for the normal schedule to return. Please take care of each other and take time to enjoy each other. Math can be a game of Monopoly or Yahtzee; reading can be done together with a shared read of a novel. The most important thing is to take care of each other and get through this together.

Be well. Be safe. See you soon!

From Ms. Hickey (3rd Grade):

Ms Hickey

From Ms. Ortiz (3rd Grade):

Hello students and families!

I miss your smiling faces! Remember to take time everyday to help around your home and to move your body! That’ll help everyone stay happy! And keep reading! Remember that Tumble Books is on BCPS One if you’re looking for a new book, or try the Baltimore County Public Library’s mobile tools. They have some great ebooks and audiobooks.

I’m wishing you all well!

-Mrs. Ortiz

From Ms. Ratajczak (3rd Grade):

To my favorite munchkins,

I miss you all so much! I wanted to let every one of you know that I have been thinking about you all and cannot wait to see you! What has everyone been doing? Try your best to remember all of the activities you take part in during our time apart, I want to hear about it when we reunite. I have been doing my best to stay active and make yummy meals. Remember earlier this year when I told you all that one of my goals was to exercise as much as I can? Well I have done some form of exercise nearly every day! I use you all as motivation to stick to achieving my goal. Is there anything you have been practicing at home like a sport, instrument, reading, or baking? I know that this can be a bit scary sometimes but remember, we’re doing this so that we can all be as safe and healthy as possible. One day we will look back on this crazy time and it will all be in the past. Even though we are not in our classroom like usual we are still a little family! Again, I miss you all like crazy and I will see you as soon as I can 😊

With so much love and smiles,

Ms. R

From Ms. Schindler (3rd Grade):

Ms Schindler

Dear Families:

Here are some family-friendly activities you and your children could work on while BCPS is closed. Below you will find a list of family-friendly podcasts.

Reading Podcasts:

History Podcasts:

Science Podcasts:

I also found a website that listed a few more podcasts:

In our Covid-19 Break Folder in Schoology, you will find handouts your child may complete. As a reminder, Schoology is accessible via the BCPS phone app. In addition to podcasts, several authors have been hosting read-alouds of their books on FaceBook and YouTube. Don't forget e-books are available on Destiny, TumbleBooks, and the Baltimore County Public Library. Many publishers are also providing free services during these uncertain times.

I follow a blog titled, We are Teachers. The other day they provided a list of childrens’ authors providing read-alouds and activities:

Since we are all practicing social-distancing, try a virtual field trip! Scholastic provides several virtual field trips as well as interviews with authors, You could even go to the National Museum of Natural History! Just follow this link

Here is a link to a post from We are Teachers on virtual field trips:

There are also a lot of exciting places to visit using Discovery Ed.

Scholastic is offering free "courses" that would interest the entire family. Follow the link for see:

These are unprecedented times. Stay healthy, positive, and calm.

Thank you for your continued support at home,

Ms. Schindler

From Ms. Thompson (3rd Grade):

Ms Thompson

From Mr. Gieron (4th Grade):

Hi guys!

I’m sure we will have much to talk about during our morning circle when we get back!

In the meantime, stay “ Trailer Strong”!!

Mr. Gieron

From Ms. Klair (4th Grade):

I miss everyone so much! I cannot wait to be back in school together learning and having fun! Lumen is tired of me being home and messing up her nap schedule but I am enjoying spending time with her. I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying this time with your family but also learning! Keep working on your math facts and reviewing fractions. I can’t wait to see everyone soon :)

Ms. Klair

From Ms. Morris (4th Grade):

Hello my fabulous fourth graders and families!

I hope that all of you are doing well and staying healthy. Even though I am enjoying this extra time with my son and daughter, I am definitely missing all of you very much!

I have been thinking about you a lot and I hope that you are finding creative ways to review and practice all the skills that we have learned so far this school year. I challenge all of you to complete an act of kindness with your family or community at least once a week. You can do this by writing letters or drawing pictures for your neighbors, using sidewalk chalk to create inspirational messages to your community, or by surprising your parents by completing a chore in your house. Remember to continue to follow your passion of reading through any book of your choice ("Inside Out and Back Again" can be found online for free). Also find creative ways to practice your writing skills by completing research about a favorite topic, designing your own comic book or infographic, or persuading your parents to follow an opinion of yours.

Enjoy the time you have together with your family! I will hopefully see you soon! Stay safe and cherish the little things in life during this time.

❤Mrs. Morris

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From Ms. Valentine (4th Grade):

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are keeping busy and enjoying extra family time. I am enjoying a lot of dog snuggles and miss you all. Take some time to read or review math and I can’t wait to see you again!

Ms. Valentine

From Ms. Bradley (5th Grade):

Dear 5th Grade Students,

I know that you are enjoying a much-needed break from school. I hope that you take time to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with family. It's only been 9 days but it feels like its been much longer! Since our break from school, I have been keeping busy. I have been doing a lot of cooking. I have tried several recipes I found on Pinterest. By the way, cooking is a great way to use those math skills! I love to cook and bake. I’m catching up on housework spring cleaning every room, not fun but necessary. I am enjoying being outside and taking Fredward Chives Bradley, the dog, on many long walks. I have a pond near my house filled with ducks which always brings a smile to my face. While I am out walking I always take a trash bag and wear rubber gloves so that I can pick up litter on the ground. It makes me feel like I am doing my part to help the planet. To combat all the cooking and eating I am exercising at home. I found some fun exercise videos on YouTube. I have watched way too much Netflix and television, so I made myself put the remote control away. I just started reading a new book and I have also discovered adult coloring books. The pages are filled with pretty designs and I really love coloring, it’s fun.

Many of you have sent me messages on Schoology and email. It has been such a joy to read your notes and email. I really do miss all of you. Now that you have had a week off to relax be sure to take some time for schoolwork. Be sure that you spend time reading independently and reading to someone each day. Practice your math every day as well. Spend some time on Dream Box. I assigned new lessons for each class on Dream Box. Also, get some exercise. Keeping your distance from others go outside and ride your bike, take a walk (bring a bag to pick up litter), go for a run, shoot some hoops in the driveway. It’s important to not only keep your mind busy but keep your body healthy as well.

As you are completing schoolwork if you have questions please email or send a note on Schoology. If you are struggling I can also call you via your parent and we can have a phone tutoring session.

Be well. Be kind. Listen to your parents and lead by example professional 5th graders! I miss you all and I am thinking about you.

Best, Mrs. Bradley

5th Grade

From Mr. Miller (5th Grade):

Mr. Miller will be performing a read aloud(s) sent through video messages within BCPS One/Schoology. He will pose a discussion question at the end of each message and students may respond with their own video message. He will provide updates on his days and tips for keeping busy. All directions will be sent in a Schoology message as well prior to the first read aloud. Finally, a reminder that there are ELA materials on our course materials page. Although optional, students may share their work via message as well. He would love to see it!

From Ms. Sturkey (5th Grade):

Hi everyone,

I miss you all, Please use this time to show kindness to others who may be lonely and/or alone. You can ask for parent assistance to send an email to a great-aunt send a video message to a cousin start a family Google Hangout, set up a family conference call and time, etc. This experience is one that no other generation has experienced keep a journal of what your thinking, feeling and doing each day. It will be interesting for others to read/watch it in next generation. You may even write a novel about one day.

Stay safe, try to remain calm, and always choose kindness,


Mrs. Sturkey

From Mr. Tolerton (5th Grade):

Mr Tolerton

From Ms. Glewwe (Instrumental Music):

Ms Glewwe

From Ms. McKeefery and Ms. Todd (Library Media Specialists):

Greetings from the SES Librarians!

From Mr. Berkey and Ms. Maynard (Physical Education):

Mr. Berkey and Mrs. Maynard hope that all students are staying active by getting outside to exercise and play while still practicing social distancing. Please take this opportunity to keep moving and enjoy some time outdoors.

From Ms. Kerr (Visual Art):

Good Morning,

Some of you have been reaching out to me letting me know that you are experiencing trouble accessing the visual art folders on Schoology from your home computers. If you are unable to access your folder. Observational drawing is one of an artist's best practice......and all you need is a piece of paper, pencil, crayon or any drawing tool. Subject matters to draw can be a family member working on their school assignment, objects left on the table after a meal or studying, a self portrait, the scene outside your window. The subjects are endless. Pick a theme and everyone searches around the home for objects that fit that theme and draws them. For example: objects that are yellow. Go on scavenger hunt and find yellow objects to draw in one composition. Intermediate students can take this a step further and think about proportion, value, line quality, etc.

Aside from this, hope all is well at your house and that this will

end soon.

Ms. Kerr

From Ms. McGraw (Reading Specialist):


Please let all of my students know I’m thinking about them everyday and hoping they are staying safe, enjoying family time, and reading!

Ms. McGraw

From Ms. Seidenman (Occupational Therapist):


Don't forget all of you 3rd-5th graders you can always work on your typing skills using the program edutyping.


Ms. Seidenman

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Your school counselors wanted to reach out with some resources you might find helpful.

Dear Families,

If you need immediate support, some local resources are listed below:

  • United Way: 211
  • Crisis text line: Text the word "HOME" to 741741 for free 24 hour support
  • Maryland Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 1.800.422.0009
  • Baltimore County DSS: 410.887.TIME
  • Baltimore County Crisis Response: 410.931.2214
  • Maryland Food Bank: 410.737.8282

ONLINE RESOURCES for Students and Families:

  1. Maintains Flexibility and Strengthens Growing Bodies
  2. Enhances Concentration
  3. Increases Self-Esteem
  4. Teaches Present Moment Awareness
  5. Cultivates a Peaceful, Relaxed State of Body and Mind
  6. Gives Tools for Stress Management
  7. Sparks Creativity in Ripe Imaginations
  8. Encourages Kind Peer and Social Interactions
  9. Enhances Body Awareness
  10. Teaches Discipline and Responsibility

We hope these online resources are helpful during this time. With that said, we want to leave you with a smile.

Your Counselors, Mrs. Kaminski (K-2) & Ms. Leaf (3-5)

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From Stoneleigh Elementary PTA Yearbook Committee

Stoneleigh Parents!

As we are all part of social distancing and the school is closed at this time to accept cash or checks, we have extended yearbook online ordering to April 25. Go to then click the order pictures and yearbook button in top right corner. Enter code: YB100073 This is the only way to purchase yearbooks at this time.