By: Garrett Bell Brenner

All about Christianity

Christianity is a religion that believes in a god named Yahweh with a holy book called the Bible and the followers are called Christians. Christians come from the god of Abraham and have holy places called the church of the holy sepulcher that is located in Jerusalem. They worship in a church and a pastor gives the sermon. They believe that a god named Jesus came and died to free people of sin. Two traditions Christians use are baptism where people get introduced into Christianity and Holy communion where they recreate the breaking of bread and sharing of wine at the last supper. Their Sabbath day is on Sunday. Holidays of Christians are Christmas where they celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter where they celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Holy Trinity is the father the son and the holy spirit the Holy trinity is the three forms of their god. The three common figure they have is Abraham. Christians are a monotheistic religion.