Gasoline Grades

By Grayson Waller

What is Octane Rating?

Octane rating is used to accurately distinguish different grades of gasoline from one another. The lower the rating, the easier it is too burn. The higher the rating, the better the quality.

How many ratings are there?

There are multiple different Octane ratings, but the most common include Octane 87 (Regular), Octane 89 (Mid-Grade or Plus), and Octane 92 (Premium). There are also different types specifically designed for racing, or high performance.

Examples of different vehicles that use different grades of Octane rated Gasoline

Common Misconceptions

Do I have to use the best fuel?

When it comes to fuel, it depends on the vehicle. If you own an older vehicle that is nearing the end of its lifespan, then it is probably best to use higher quality fuel. The most readily available vehicles today mostly use Regular gas. Higher end vehicles should ALWAYS use higher end fuel in my opinion. If you have the financial standing to do so, then power to you and go ahead and buy the more expensive fuel (no pun intended).
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