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Converse is an American shoe company with a production output that consists of sportswear & lifestyle brand footwear. The companies purpose for inventing Converse was to create a good shoe for athletes back in 1915. The alternate name "Chuck Taylor's" come from a man going around promoting the shoes around the United States.


You can buy Converse in almost any known shoe store such as; Footlocker, Journeys, Target, Macy's, Famous Footwear, Rack Room shoes, Shoe Show, etc. You can also order them online. Converse are sold in a lot of athlete shoe stores because when they were invented they were made for athletes. Now since better sportswear shoes have been made it's likely to find them in more Moderate stores because of their cute kind of style.


The prices Converse range are $18.99 being the cheapest pair & $95.00 being the most expensive pair (custom made).


Converse are promoted in ad's you may see online, or signs on buildings & in stores.

Target Market;

Both genders wear Converse. Age's can range from toddlers- 40's and up.
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