Family Tradition

By Emily Salsbury

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My Family Christmas Tradition

Before we go to bed Christmas Eve night we leave out cookies and milk for santa and celery and carrots for the reindeer. On Christmas morning, when everyone is awake, we gather around the tree and open gifts. After all the gifts are open , Normally closer to the afternoon or so, we go over to my grandmothers house to open more gifts at her place from everyone else and they open gifts from us.
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Part 2: My Own Tradition

My New Years Tradition

If i got to make a tradition for my family i would want to visit different countries/a different country each year on New Years or near New Years. Spend a few days there then come back for New years or close to it. i want to start this tradition because I have always wanted to travel and it would be a nice trip to go on near the new year, while in the other country you would go shopping and sight seeing and learn about the country.
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