Eating Disorders

Hunter Lincoln

Can learning about eating disorders help prevent them?

If someone knows more about certain disorders then they will be more aware of what to do and what not to do in terms of eating. Also knowing consequences or side effects of these disorders may make that person more likely to try and prevent it from happening.

What qualities do you think people should be judged by, why.

People should be judged by inequality traits not appearance or first minute encounters. Also people should respect weight of ones body as well as anything not "normal".

Are some foods worse than others?

Yes, some foods can actually cause certain eating disorders as well as overall bad health. Also if some one was to be lactose intolerant, than any dairy would be worse for that person. Its pretty much how good a certain persons body can deal with foods that could decide if there worse for him/her.

Media and Actions that promote thinness?

Now days its all about being healthy, fit, and most of all THIN. A majority of commercials and advertisements about body weight, fitness, or even food, all try to lean towards the goal of being thin. When we watch things like this we should be motivated to get active and eat healthy. Also we shouldn't slander others that aren't thin but try to motivate them as well.

Be A Role Model Today!

There are lots of people out in the world that are huge role models for people who have eating disorders and that are overweight. Jared from Subway is a prime example of a role model that inspires many people. We should be supportive motivators that can lead the way to help people avoid eating disorders.