IES Abroad Barcelona Reader Policy

Attention: This pertains to all IES Students and Faculty

Reader Deposit

Hello IES Abroad Barcelona,

Welcome to your study abroad experience! In an effort to become for sustainable, IES Abroad Barcelona has decided to change our system of student readers (booklets that contain all readings for a certain class).

Upon arrival on the first day of each class, students must give a 20euro deposit to the teacher and sign an agreement to keep the reader (a binder with readings enclosed) in good condition and express full intent on returning it at the end of the semester. Then after taking the final exam for each class, students will return their reader to the respective teacher, and sign off that they received their 20euro deposit for returning the reader. It's as simple as that! Think of it as a way to not only be more green yourself, but also as a way to win 20euro (that you probably will have forgotten about already) on your last week in Europe!