Daily Writing

By: Logan Zimmerman

Monday, May 16

Last weekend i was busy. On Friday I played some video games until I wen to the hockey game. Then, on Saturday I got to go to one of my cousin's house for a sleepover who also had my favorite video game called Rainbow Six Siege. And finally, on Sunday My mom picked me up at around 2:30 And then when we arrived back at my house three of my friends called and asked if they could come over and i said sure so until about 7:00 They were over. And that's what happened over the weekend.
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Tuesday, Mat 17

Yesterday after school i came home and played some rainbow six siege and I almost had a heart attack while playing because in the game the attackers were killing all my teammates so i went around them and killed two of them and then there was only one attacker left. And then I looked behind me to see him there and I got scared so I started shooting my shotgun rapidly at him and i downed him and killed him and we won the match and i got MVP. After that I went out side for a little while and practiced catching a football. Then when my mom got home she brought Subway. And that was my day yesterday
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Wednesday May 18

Yesterday the new update for ark came out were they added a whole lot of new stuff. Like the Arthroplurea, the Lystro, the dire bear, and the manta ray. They also added boss arenas and new bosses as well as a cannon and a chemistry table. So i tamed three out of those four. And i just played that all day yesterday.
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Thursday May 19

Yesterday after school One of my friends called and asked if I wanted to go up to his house and I said sure. Then when I got up there Max, Ben, Ike, and Micheal were up there as well. So we played a game of basketball and then played hide and seek. And I was the one who found the best hiding place and none could find me so when no one was looking I came out so I could hide there next round. That's all I did yesterday.
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Monday May 23

Last weekend i was busy. On Friday I went to the Fighting saints game and they lost and now there out until next season. Then, on Saturday one of my friends called and asked if i could have a sleepover at his house and i said sure so i went up there at about 3:30. But i had another party that Sunday morning at 9:00 so i came home at 8:00 am took a shower and about and hour later i left to Mindframe. At Mindframe it was my friend Sam's birthday party and we were watching Civil War but before the movie we got 30 minutes to do whatever we wanted. Then after the movie about 2 hours later we were going to my dad's grandma's house for a going away party for my dad's cousin Noah who is going to Afghanistan for about a year. That what happened last weekend.

The book I'm reading right now I recently finished. But what happened is three kits from Windclan wondered off and Thunderclan needed to find them before a battle started they found them in a cave and the cave was about to flood so they had to hurry they did manage to get the kits out safely and stop the battle before it started.

Tuesday May 24

Yesterday after school my Xbox One wouldn't turn on so I was trying to fix for about 10 minutes then I unplugged it and it turned on. So after that I played Rainbow Six Siege. Then, about 30 minutes later my friend called and asked if I could go up to his house and play outside and I said sure. So when I got up there we played for about 30 minutes. Then, I went home and that's all that happened last night for me.

I just started a new book in the series called warriors and I just finished the second in the third series and now I'm on to the third call Warriors The Outcast. I haven't got that far into the book yet to get anything good out of it so that's it.

Wednesday May 25

Yesterday after school it was the same thing I always do I played rainbow six siege until my friend calls and asks if I can go up to his house so I said yes and we played Clash Royale. Then. after about 30 minutes we played a little hide and seek. After that I went home and my dad made steak on the grill with shrimp which was delicious. And that is all that happened yesterday.

Where I am now in the book I'm reading it's just any other day in the cats home. I've only touched the beginning so there is not much to write about the book so far. But what they are doing is sending out hunting party's and boarder patrols to make sure none of the other clans have invaded onto there territory. And that's all the further I've gotten.

Thursday May 26

Yesterday after school in a game called Clash Royale I made it to arena two which is really good and I got a giant skeleton. Then, I played Rainbow Six Siege for a little over an hour. Then, I did my work out for football for about 10 minutes. After that, Brandon called me up to his house so I went and he helped me with Clash Royale. And then, we wanted to know where this annoying kid lived we found his house so now we can annoy him. And that's all that happened yesterday.

The book that I'm currently reading is the same nothing has happened yet so it's all calm in the four Clans. But, Loinpaw is starting to train with Tigerstar who was an evil warrior when he was alive and tried to take over ThunderClan. But Fire Star stopped him. And that's where I am right now in the book.

Friday May 27

Yesterday after school I played Rainbow Six Siege for an hour. Then, I went outside to practiced catching a football in my back yard. After that, Brandon called me up to his house again. He helped me with Clash and then he let me play it. Then, at 6:30 I went home.