All about Manuel

Things that are important to me

I like soccer

I like soccer because I'm a gollie and its in my opinion it's the best position in soccer because you don't really have to do anything. My favorite soccer team is Bayern Müchen I like that team because they are technically unstoppable. Bayern Müchen have only lost one game.

My favorite things to do

I like to play a lot of video games and play soccer because video games are very fun and soccer to. I also like school sometimes, because sometimes it's really boring but it's fun most of the time.

My favorite video games are

Things I want to

Going to Mexico

Usually during summer vacation I go to Mexico because my grand parents live in Mexico it is very fun to go because I get to play soccer with my cousins they are great. I just love to find out more and more about Mexico.


Over most things in my life well under my family is college I want to go to college because I want to be vet and to do that I need to study really hard. It's hard to go to college so that is why I really want to go to college it's my dream that is why I left it for last.