2/21/2020 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 24th Ed.


"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!'

~ Audrey Hepburn


What is the BIG Deal About 5 Minutes??

I am a secondary teacher in Not Here ISD; the bell rings for my 50 minute class to begin...... I finish my conversation with my hall neighbor (about 1 minute), run to the lounge to top off my coffee (about 1 minute), walk to my computer to submit my attendance and realize I haven't turned my computer on and logged in yet (this all takes about 2 minutes) and then gather my materials for the lesson (about 1 minute). I am now 5 minutes into the class period

OR it is 5 minutes before the dismissal bell is to ring and I am at a good stopping point for the day so I have my students pack up, visit quietly and wait for the bell to ring.

"What is the big deal - it's just 5 minutes?", I say to myself.

  • Five minutes out of a 50 minute class period is 10% of the period.

  • If over the course of a school year 5 minutes of instruction are lost each day, our students have missed 10% of possible instruction in that class period - that is 17 days worth of instruction we are missing.

  • Our students can not afford to miss 17 days of instruction in one year in one class.

Our work is never done. I believe there are always skills that can be learned, reviewed, re-taught, mastered, etc. and we owe that to our students.


Bonham ISD Police Department

We will be developing our own Police Department in the coming months. We currently have the position of BISD Police Chief posted and we will soon be selecting a lady or gentleman to serve the District in this capacity - this is a new position approved by the Board of Trustees a couple of months ago. The BISD Police Department will consist of a Chief and one BISD Police Officer; the District currently has only an SRO - School Resource Officer. The SRO position will be transitioned into a District Police Officer position.

Having a District Police Department will allow us to guide the work and expectations of our school based law enforcement officers as they will be District employees.

My plan is for one of the individuals to serve Bonham High School and Finley-Oates and the other individual to serve L.H. Rather, I.W. Evans and Bailey Inglish. Both officers will establish a safe and secure environment for our future leaders to learn, grow and succeed both inside and outside the classroom as well a providing a safe and secure environment for our staff and visitors. An increased police presence in and around our elementary and intermediate campuses will also provide positive interactions between our students and law enforcement officers as well as allowing for additional mentoring opportunities.


District RN

We will be employing a District RN (Registered Nurse) in the near future! The position has been posted and interviews will begin within the next week to select the right person for the position. The RN will be housed at the Finley-Oates campus, but will be available to campuses when needed.

Having an RN at the Finley-Oates campus will allow us to utilize the Tele-Health program at the elementary campus - expanding its use from only I.W. Evans students to Finley-Oates and BHS students.

The District RN will oversee CPR training, health related training for District staff and the SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee).


Kings and Queens Project

With prom just around the corner, BISD Bus Driver / Pastor Tony Whitehead believes every young lady deserves to look like a queen and every gentleman like a king!

The Kings and Queens Project hopes to do just that by allowing every student to 'shop' for their prom outfit.

Ladies can borrow dresses, shoes and accessories.

Gentlemen can borrow suits, ties and shoes and Pastor Whitehead is working to secure sponsors for tuxedo rentals.

To make this happen, he is looking for:

  • dresses
  • men's and women's shoes
  • ladies accessories
  • suits and ties
  • monetary donations for tuxedo rentals
  • volunteers to do makeup and hair on the day of prom

Now would be a good time to donate a gently used formal, suit, pair of shoes or costume jewelry!!

Contact Pastor Whitehead at 228-563-0423 for more information.




Winners believe that everything is possible.

They don't place limits on themselves. They believe in their future success and are persistent in manifesting their goals.

  • What are your goals?
  • Do you believe you can attain them?

  • How can you model goal setting for your students?


Doing More!!

Ms. Scott, BHS front office administrative assistant, arranged for Mr. Benny Richards, a Hunt County Game Warden who appears on Lone Star Law to visit Senior Chandler Fox.

Chandler is a huge fan of Game Warden Richards and plans to attend college to become a game warden after graduation.

This would not have happened had Ms. Scott not formed a relationship with Chandler, learned about his interests and formed a relationship with Game Warden Richards so that she could call upon him!!

Thankful for our staff for doing more!!

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Dirt Pile East of BHS is On the Move

Big picture

Construction of the new BHS campus resulted in a large mound of dirt accumulating east of the building near Albert Broadfoot St.

Approximately a year ago, the District sold the dirt to a developer. The developer is now able to utilize the dirt and it has begun to be removed.

You might ask why we just didn't dispose of the dirt ourselves.....the answer to that is financial in nature. If the District would have hired a company to remove the dirt, we would have spent several hundred thousand dollars to do so. I could think of a lot better way to spend those monies so we patiently waited on the developer to be ready for the dirt!!



2/24 - Regular Board Meeting - 6:00

2/25 - LHR Track Meet @ Anna - 4:00

2/25 - BHS Softball @ Anna - 5:00

2/27 - BHS Softball @ Valley View - TBA

2/27 - BHS Track Meet @ Anna - 4:00

2/28-2/29 - BHS Baseball Tournament @ Pottsboro

2/28 - BHS Softball @ Home - 6:00

2/29 - BHS Softball @ Valley View - TBA

2/29 - BHS G / B Soccer @ Home - 5:30 / 7:00


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