Mountain Gorilla

Bashar Salloum


The gorilla(G. gorilla beringei) is robust and powerful, with an extremely thick, strong chest and a protruding abdomen. Both skin and hair are black. The face has large nostrils, small ears, and prominent brow ridges.

These powerful animals have broad chests , muscular necks , and broad, strong hands and feet.The Gorilla is much larger than its closet relative. Its quit animal.

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Gorillas live only in tropical forests of equatorial Africa.

Gorilla in the Habitat.

As we can see the habitat for Gorilla is the tropical forests.
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The gorilla is active during the day (diurnal) and primarily terrestrial.

Gorilla live in troops,compris-ing one or more adult males with several females and their young.Each troop is led by an old male. The animals normally walk on all fours, with the knuckles on the ground, and adult seldom climb. A powerful old male. They don't get aggressive when the meet. Gorilla family group is between 6-30 each group. Gorilla spend must of the time resting. They sleep in nest and each Gorilla make there own nest. they sleep at after noon. They are not nocturnal they are active during the day.


Gorillas are vegetarians. Gorilla in Lowland forests eat some fruit.Gorilla generally dislike water.

Why are they endangered.

They are endangered because people want to make shoes from their skin, to made medicine, and people like destruction there habitat and to make a good money.

how many are they today

There are 800 species in the world today and they are at risk.

How we can help save them

We can help them by tell the people why the Gorilla so important , we can do some paper work on share it social networking sites (Facebook, twitter and Instagram )

Interesting fact

The gestation period is about eight and a half months, and births are usually single, though twins occur on rare occasions.

Short summary about Gorilla.

I found that the Gorillas are animals but ! they look like humans, their gestation period is eight and half months and the humans there gestation period for them is nine months.

Some from the Gorillas herbivore and there is no Gorilla carnivore.

The same as humans but some of them eat both.

The Gorilla is so peaceful animals, they don't fight.

Gorilla is an animal with humans looking I was surprised when I knew all the information about Gorilla I will be so mad if the GORILLA Extinct.

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