KSAC Oly Club!!

Train with the best in KSAC!

Attention KSAC Ohana!

Want to focus on your Olympic Lifts and improve your overall strength? Join KSAC's Oly Club, where our main focus is to help you improve your Olympic lifts and grow as an athlete. Our mission is to mold our athletes into strong, efficient, iron pumping beasts!

KSAC Oly Club will be held...

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting Tuesday April 29, 2014. Membership discounts apply and Platinum Members take the camp for free. Sign up today!


  • You must be a member of KSAC CrossFit
  • You must be out of Level 1
  • You must test in to the program with Coach Se
  • You must own Oly Lifting Shoes
  • You must know how to calculate in Kilograms
  • You absolutely MUST have thick skin :)