Al Capone

By. Logan Buckner

Al Capone the beginning

Al Capone born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn new York. Grew up in a rough neighborhood where he was in two different gangs. He dropped out if school in sixth grade only at age fourteen. He worked at the Harvard inn while working there he made some remarks about a lady and her brother cut Capone's face several times that's how he got the nickname "scare face". in 1918 he met an Irish girl named Mary "Mae" Coughlin. on December 4, 1918, she gave birth to their son Albert "sonny" Francis. they married later that month.

Al Capone's impact on history was huge we set the standard for what we used to call a "gangster" in the 1920's. Without him we wouldn't have organized crime. He is a vital part of history and crime.

Mini Bio: Al Capone