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Every now and then we realize that in order to experience a more fulfilling life we might have to work from the inside out. Pathways helps you on your inner journey, sharing age old wisdom and advice that inspires and uplifts you when the going is challenging. Join us for tips and solutions for healing and personal development all to help you get back on the path to being the best that you can be! Your Authentic Self!

Saturday, September 6, 2014 - 11:00 a.m. - Noon

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Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Guidance Readings

20 Minute Session - $40.00

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Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Guidance Session

Have you ever experienced Intuitive Coaching? This is what happens when you mix Life Coaching, Success Strategies and Intuition together! You get a triple dose of skills to gain insight and clarity in:
  • Solving personal or professional problems
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Health & Wellness
  • Career
Add in some Spiritual Guidance and Angel Tarot Cards and you get to discover how to connect with your own person wisdom.

Your host, Donna Schmid, utilizes her professional life coaching skills and intuitive abilities along with her co-host, Laurie Puntney's Angel Card Readings to provide you with the insight you are seeking to understand life's challenges

Join us Live for guidance and direction! Start living life with passion, purpose and possibilities?


As a child, Donna had a unique intuitive ability to “sense” what wasn’t being communicated. She became passionate about discovering why people weren’t fully conscious of their behavioral responses. This fascination led her to the study of the mind and body – and how the two communicated. As a Health & Wellness Practitioner in the Medical Massage field, she witnessed how our subconscious patterning had an effect on how we communicated with our world.

After a near-death experience in her early twenties, she understood how powerful our words can be and how important it is to be consciously aware that we are responsible and held accountable for the energy we emit and the effect our thoughts, words and actions have on our world.

“It became clear to me that if we shifted our focus to communicate with the intention to connect, we would improve all of our relationships and have a profound effect on the world around us.”

After receiving her “Master” designation in the study of neuro-linguistic programming, (NLP), Donna discovered how to connect with her own innermost thoughts and emotions and was able to challenge her own internal limiting beliefs about her world. This exploration uncovered her innate ability to consciously communicate with intent and purpose. (Donna has an insatiable appetite for self-growth and development and considers herself a life-long interpersonal junkie!)

Donna has always been a leadership guru for women. She is a master of observation – there isn’t much that gets by her, unnoticed. Her trainings are structured, deliberate and she is an incredible inspirational story-teller. She is known as the Trainer’s Trainer and a Masterful Teacher who inspires and motivates all who hear her words. If you are ready to go through a transformational shift, it is time to work with her to uncover your unique brilliance and the power of your own Wise Woman within!