A true Mother and Hero

Interview with my Mom

Superhero? Mom? Same thing.

I would like to introduce you to my hero, my mother. My mom, Lisa grew up in a small house and is the oldest of four. She went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. After college, my mom worked in the Financial industry until my older brother and sister were in school, and then she worked as a stay home mom. Being an active mother of three, she managed sports teams, was on the board of many charity organizations, and even taught Sunday school for several years. Lisa has constantly inspired me by her kindness, sacrifice, generosity towards others, and just being an amazing mother.

Being a hero...

Many people define their heroes as inspiring, generous, or selfless. My definition of a hero might be the same, or a little bit different then yours. To see my essay about my definition of a hero, click on the button below.

Not just one hero...

Untouchable Hero

Some people have just one hero. It could be a celebrity, or it could be someone who sleeps in the bed next to you. But, there are some people, like me, who have a personal hero and an untouchable hero (meaning that you will probably never meet them or get to talk to them).

An interview of a lifetime

To find out more about my hero and her experiences, I interviewed her and asked several questions that led to a conversation filled with many stories. Many of these were filled with joy and laughter, along with some serious points and topics.

After my interview...

After my interview I found many topics that were possible for me to dig deeper into, and to find more about that topic. I found that, because my mom was the oldest child growing up, and I am the youngest, I thought that it would be interesting to have a compare/contrast essay showing what it is like being the youngest vs. being the oldest growing up.
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A day in the life of Lisa

1989, August,

Today, me and my friend Patrice, had to hide in the back of a train to sneak into Greece! We payed the guards some money from America, and they were flattered. They offered us cigarettes, ew! No Way! When the guards were on the train, my whole body went numb. We were in the last cart, with the lights turned off. We locked the door, and they started walking closer to our cart. All of the sudden, the dog starts barking and we were scared for our lives. What happens if I get caught? What happens if my parents do not let me go back to college? What if I am in a Greek prison? Oh no... But, the dog was barking at something else, thank god. We barely made it to Greece and it was totally worth it! Some of the other guards checked everyones passports, haha, not us! They had these weird dogs that looked very angry, almost like a German Shepard, (yikes), and they almost sniffed us out! Literally! In the end, we made it safe, now we are criminals, woo hoo!!