Why Text Matters

Reading to Understand

Provided Text

As teachers we need to fill our classrooms with text of every shape, size, and topic. Children need to be reading engaging, interesting, thought-provoking, text. In order for them to do that, we must provide a variety of materials. These texts must include perspectives, opinions, ideas, issues, and concepts to read, write and talk about.

How do we engage our students?

Choose books that serve your purpose or that you love and teach with those. By choosing books that we as teachers love, we will be able to be more passionate and share our experiences with our children which will be positive for both teacher and student. These texts may include novels or picture books. Well written short text provides kids an opportunity to read a piece quickly, dig into the themes, and respond to them. In order to fully comprehend a text, interest is essential. Short texts such as picture books can be used with a variety of students ranging from younger kids, older kids, reluctant readers and diverse learners. But, one important thing to remember is, the best reason to read a picture book to a group of students is simply because you love it!

When choosing a text, there are two different types, considerate and inconsiderate texts.

Considerate texts : terms are fully explained and content is organized. There is a relationship between ideas which are clear. Learning is very smooth.

Inconsiderate texts: unwarranted assumptions about the reader. Background knowledge often has an overload of unfamiliar vocab and concepts. Certain ideas are not fully explained.


Growing up I always loved reading, but only if I was interested in the book! After reading this chapter I was reminded of the struggles in school where the teacher would be forced to teach from a textbook that was structured poorly. Reading sections from a text can be a very difficult thing for new readers. These chapters provided insight on new ideas and techniques on getting students motivated and interested! This chapter showed me just how much effort goes into choosing the "perfect" book for teaching lessons. I will defiantly look back to the different things to consider, as well as the techniques in finding the perfect text!

Jessica Bennett

Reading Response #2