What people say about their reading habits


We wanted to know about reading habits in people's everyday life, so we conducted a survey to collect responses from various people. The results from the survey have been collected and analyzed and are broken down in this newsletter.

Do you like to read?

Out of 47 people that answered this question, 83% answered yes that they do like to read. Out of the 47 people, 17% of people do not like to read. These percentages transfer 39 people like to read and 8 do not. This is represented in the graph below.

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Have you always liked to read or do you have to force yourself to read?

Out of the 47 people that took this survey, only 40 people responded to this question. Most of the people that responded said they always like to read. Which corresponds with the answers of the graph above about who likes to read. Thirty people always like to read and one said they have learned to love reading as an adult. Only four people have to force themselves to read. Three people love to read and sometimes have to force themselves to read. Two people stated that it depends on the book whether they enjoy to read or they have to force him/herself.

Do you read in your free time?

For this question, the most popular response was yes, with 69.6% of the surveyors saying that they do read in their free time. The other 30.4% of people chose that they do not read in their free time. Of the 46 responses submitted for this question, 32 people responded with yes and 14 people responded with no. This data shows that the majority of the people who took our survey prefer to read in their free time.

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What was the last thing you read?

There were 40 responses submitted for this question, which shows a variety of results. There were 18 people that read a book last, with the highest category of responses. Articles and newspapers was next, with 13 responses. There were 2 people whose last reading was from a textbook and one person responded with having read from social media more recently.

How many books do you think you own?

The below graph shows the results of 46 responses of how many books a person thinks they own. 58.7% of people stated that they own more than 30 books. 17.4% of people said they own 5-10 books. 10.9 % answered they own between 10-30 books. 2.2% was the lowest percent saying they own another amount than what was listed.

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Who is your favorite Author?

There were a numerous amount of answers to this question. The end results varied, but 5 people stated that Nicholas Sparks was their favorite author. 5 more people stated that they were uncertain as to who their favorite author was. 3 people chose J.K. Rowling as their favorite author. Again, several answers were provided for this question. These 3 had the highest rankings out of all the answers.


After collecting and analyzing the data produced from this survey, we were able to get a glimpse of how people feel about reading, along with what people like to read. Our surveyors did a great job helping us to produce enough data to analyze questions like the ones listed above. From these results, we are able to conclude that the majority of people do like to read, even in their free time, and that the highest ranking for favorite author was Nicholas Sparks, followed by J.K Rowling.