By:Lauren Tucker

Official Languege

The official Languege in Aruba is Dutch but there's many languages because people either live there or they can travel.


Arubas flag is blue with 2 yellow stripes at the bottom and a red and white star in the far left corner. Aruba's flag was adopted on March 18th.

Geographical info in Aruba

Aruba is located in Central America. They have Palm trees, sand , water.

Political Information

Type of government- Constitutional monarchy

Leader-King Willem Alexander, and Govern General Fredis Refunjol

Economic Info

Currency- Aruban Florin

Economic System- capitalist

Tourist info

Why should people visit?

I think a great place for people to go is the beach because it's warm and the water is pretty and clear. People should go visit because it's a great place to relax and go to the beach.

Interesting facts!!

1. Another name that people call Aruba is One happy Island

2. Arubas national anthem is Aruba Deshi Tera

3. The water in aruba is light blue and it can even be white at points