information and effects, By: Kailyn Webb

Formula and how drug is taken in

~ Formula- C21H23NO5

~ Taken in by- injection, or inhaled by snorting or smoking

Short and Long term efftects

Short Term


~slowed breathing

~clouded metal funtction

~nausea and vomiting

~sedation; drowsiness

~Hypothermia- body temp lower than normal

Long Term

~bad teeth

~inflammation of gums


~cold sweats


~weak imune sytem

~respiratory illnesses

~muscular weakness, partial paralysis

~redued sexual capacity

~menstrul disturbance in women

~inability to achieve orgasm

~loss of memory



~pustules ofthe face

~loss of appetite


Signs of abuse

~may find a powdery or crumbly substance or black tar

~syringes or small glass/metal pipes

~dirty/burnt spoons and lighters

~belts or rubber tubing used for tie off

Slang/street names for heroin








~Fast-acting drug, causes dry mouth, flushed skin, may be dopy (fading in and out of awakness), and slowed breathing (which causes most overdoeses)

~Causes itching, nausea, and vomiting

~Highly adictive, you can build a tolerance to the drug causing you to need more amounts of the substance

~The dependance can be psychological, and physical

~Body adapts to functioning with the drug for daily actions