How To Survive 6th Grade

A Guide From A Former 6th Grader

Welcome To 6th Grade!

Welcome To Your Brand New Life At Hickory Hills! Today, Me, A Former 6th Grader, Will Teach You Some Tricks I Learned And Kept Up My Sleeve. I Know That You Might Think 6th Grade Is Scary For The First Couple Of Days, But Trust Me, You'll Have A Blast! I Will Teach You The Basics Of This Amazing School And How It Will Work For The Rest Of Your 6th Grade Year; Lets Get This Show Started!

The Strike System

Don't you hate it when those annoying kids in your class keeps you behind because he or she forgot to do their work, or even is being disrespectful? Well, at Hickory Hills we have a solution for that, the Strike System! You start out with zero strikes, but once you forget an assignment or get caught doing something, you have one strike. You can get ten of these, but that's it, ten or more strikes, you're out. So remember, be a good student and don't forget about your assignments!


We are an IGNITE school, which means we have the opportunity to have Chromebooks! Chromebooks are used for educational purposes, not for games. If you are allowed to have an expensive device, that means you must care for it. In the link below, it shows how to care for your Chromebook.
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Conclusion Of 6th Grade

In conclusion, your 6th grade year will begin a new life with lockers, changing classes, and meeting new students from all different schools. Hickory Hills will be your starting point for a new experience and the life of being in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thank you for being a part of the Hickory Hills Middle School.