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It's Time for Perseverance! ~Rahael J.

Introduction~ What is Perseverence?

Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty of delay in achieving success. An example would be when someone who had cancer fought their way through the disease, and persevered to get rid of it.

Compare & Contrast

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton were documented on the ESPN “Carry On” video that talks about their adversities in life with an inspiring story. Dartanyon and Leroy have both faced many tribulations and hardships, but have persevered diligently to get rid of them. The brothers have faced many similarities but faced many differences too. They both faced tough childhoods. Dartanyons mother died when he was at the age of eight, and his father was a drug addict, while Leroy's father was in jail. After Leroy’s train incident his mother became a drug addict then disappeared.

They both have different disabilities. Dartanyon was born with a degenerative disease (Optic Atrophy) which makes him legally blind. Leroy was in a train accident, and became a double amputee.

They both met each other in their high-school wrestling team and realized that they have a special bond. They became really close friends, and eventually were known as the brothers who work together hand in hand.

Lisa Fenn an ESPN producer helped Dartanyon and Leroy get a better future. She stepped in as a second mother for both of them and helped them pass high school successfully. Lisa raised awareness for both men for money for paying their college tuition and succeeded creating a fundraiser.

Both Dartanyon and Leroy went to college, but they both had different interests. Leroy moved to Arizona to study video game design at Collins College, while Dartanyon became a Bronze Medal champion in the 2012 Paralympic team in London for Judo. Both of them are proud fathers now, and even if they have different paths, they will both be together forever.
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Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton went together like brothers in their amazing journey to success even with disabilities.

Cause & Effect

Eric LeGrand, was once a strong Rutgers defensive linebacker, who had gotten a severe injury which caused him to be a paralysis facing many effects. As a result, this severe injury has affected LeGrand to become a more strong person that many people never knew of. He had to persevere through this new hardship. Because of this injury, another effect LeGrand had was that he broke his outer football shell, he showed the whole world his true self. He also finished school and he is now pursuing his career as a Rutger Football Radio Broadcaster. Another major effect LeGrande developed throughout the journey of himself healing from his injury was that he became more strong and powerful. He stated that you have to “Embrace your support system and be thankful, However, I am luckier than most to have an incredible team of supporters by my side.” He had to be thankful for all the supporters out there which made him stronger. Even though it was hard to accept that his life would never be the “same,” he will still persevere.

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LeGrande is back on the field earning so much support and respect from the crowd. He was wearing his #52 t-shirt which says "Believe"

Problem & Solution

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Baseball Legend, Jackie Robinson persevered through his adversity of being "Black," and proved everyone wrong about their perspective of race.


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The Lady Jags are a group of struggling girls who learned how to persevere through the hardships, adversities, and tribulations they faced in past while learning life lessons playing basketball. The Lady Jags faced many adversities in their lives, such as Drug Abuse, Alcoholic Parents, Poverty, and Unemployment. Many of the girls had to run away and do things that caused them to try to get a better future in life, rather than the one they were already living in. For instance, Kayla was one of the girls from Carroll Academy who had to run away from her home because her parents were abusing drugs. Fortunately there was a school called Carroll Academy, who accepted all of these young girls who were facing hard times in their lives and they gave them a second chance. Carroll Academy taught the girls life lessons by teaching them discipline, motivation, and higher self esteem. They played basketball as a distraction to keep themselves out of trouble and bad influences. The coaches also told them to never give up, and to get rid of their mundane and morose emotions. Even if they were terrible at their games, and when the coaches told them to settle their anger rages, the were still winning.They had a new type of triumph, that many people couldn’t see.They were all finally a part of a family.They all have a new and better persona, but not a fake mask, this new and improved mask is glued to them forever.

Conclusion~What can we learn from perseverance to overcome adversities in today's world?

We can learn how to be persistent even if there are difficult times in life that you might have faced. You can try to imagine yourself succeeding in a future achievement while you are facing your adversity, and metaphorically compare your perseverance as your strength to finish strong. To overcome adversities in the world today, we need to stop fighting, and resolve to one conclusion, peace. The world has many adversities, this was just one of them. Overall, to overcome overcome adversities a person has to remain bold, strong, and show leadership.