Alternative Energy Advertisement

Honors Biology


Alone or In pairs, students will research alternative energy sources and create an advertisement to persuade consumers to switch to a renewable energy.

State Standard

South Dakota State Standards

HS-ESS3-2 Evaluate competing design solutions for developing, managing, and utilizing energy and mineral resources based on cost-benefit ratios

Learning Outcomes

Students will research a renewable energy in enough detail to inform and persuade a consumer to switch from fossil fuels to an alternative energy source.

Students will gain knowledge of different alternative energy sources and evaluate a type of renewable energy.

Students will utilize technology to research information on alternative energy and produce an advertisement.

Materials and Techologies

Student laptop computers with internet access

Students will use to create an advertisement about their alternative energy source.

  • Students should create a free account using their k12 email, however, students should use a generic password DIFFERENT from their k12 email password. If working in pairs, use one of your accounts to create the smore poster. Both students will not be able to log-in to the same account at the same time.
  • Create a shared google document to compile the researched information and sources so that both students can participate and one can copy and paste the information into the smore.

Online Resources for Information- Students are expected to use their knowledge of credible information sources to acquire information about alternative energy, fossil fuels, and the impacts of using the alternative energy and fossil fuels. Students are encouraged to seek approval of information reliability if they are unsure.

Advertisement Components

Alone or in pairs, students are required to research an alternative energy source to fossil fuels and create an advertisement on to persuade consumers to switch from fossil fuels to their energy source.

  • Advertisements must include a catchy slogan for your alternative energy source to gain the attention of the consumer.

  • Advertisements should include enough information so that one knows what the renewable energy source is and can make an educated decision to switch. Information can include, but is not limited to: how the alternative energy resource works, cost, material required, maintenance and longevity, and uses.

  • The advertisement should be geared towards a particular audience such as a small or business, school, developer, community, individual, etc.

  • Advertisements should include pictures and graphics that support your researched information. In addition, advertisements should be easy to read and proofread.

  • DISCLAIMER: similar to a pharmaceutical advertisement, your advertisement should include a disclaimer section explaining the limitations of your alternative energy source such as environmental impacts, ease of use in Eastern South Dakota, cost, longevity, aesthetics, etc.

  • Advertisement should include a sources section listing the source from which the information, pictures, and graphics were retrieved.

Timeline and Assessment

Students will have three class periods to research their topic and create their advertisement. Projects are due at the beginning of class on Thursday, May 5th.