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August 2019

Registration Reminders

August 13th is right around the corner and preparations for the new school year are well under way. Students will move through the registration process on July 30th (Seniors), July 31st (Juniors), August 1st (Freshmen) and August 2nd (Sophomores) and our freshman orientation and Link Cru is on August 2nd. Remember, prior to attending registration, ALL parents must have completed the data confirmation process in Aeries. Each student must come with a signed data confirmation printout in hand in order to move through the process.

Back to School Night

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 6:30pm

3588 Bryan

Irvine, CA

Come meet the teachers and get a quick taste of what goes in in your child's classroom. Details about the schedule for the night will be emailed home. Make sure you print a copy of your child's schedule so you know where you are going!

PTO Corner

Beckman PTO brings parents and teachers together, sharing the goal of providing a well-rounded learning environment for our students that involves academics, arts, athletics, social activities and more. Every family is welcome and encouraged to become a Beckman PTO Member.

In this month’s PTO Corner, Beckman PTO co-Presidents Katie Weissberg and Sandy Huebner-Chan share this year’s focus, encourage you to check out flexible volunteer opportunities, and share dates for our first PTO meeting of the school year.

You can read their welcome message and invitation at this link.

First Day of School Reminders

Please refer to Aeries BEFORE the first day of school and verify your classes and locations. Final class schedules will be posted on Saturday, August 10th and will be found under Student Info > Classes. Students will report to their first period classes at 7:45 am. Students with a zero period class will report to their zero period class at 6:45 am.

Any errors in the student's class listing should be taken to the counseling office at break, lunch or after school. Students will not be permitted to leave class to address scheduling errors.

Traffic on the first day of school is likely to be heavy. Please plan accordingly and walk, ride a bike, or carpool if at all possible.

Smile! High School is one of the most memorable times of students' lives. Remind them to enjoy it!

Last Day to Request a Class Change

District policy states that students wishing to make a course change have until the fourth Friday of the semester to request the change. This year, the last date to make such a request falls on September 6th. Keep in mind that changes can only be made if space permits. Also, we will not grant teacher change requests. Students wishing to request a course change will need to complete an Add/Drop form found on the Beckman website and turn it into the counseling office.

Bell Schedule Changes

Last year, Beckman spent a considerable amount of time looking at our Bell Schedules. We considered various versions of standard schedules, block, alternating block, modified block and more. At this point, we've decided to move forward with our current schedule modified to include: extended passing periods and late start every Wednesday. As a result, school will end at 2:45 pm every day with a few rare exceptions (finals, minimum day, etc). Click the image at the left to go straight to our website where all the bell schedules can be found.

Late Starts Every Wednesday

New at Beckman this year... Every Wednesday will be a Late Start! Parents and student will no longer wonder "Is tomorrow a Late Start??" This change will allow collaboration opportunities for teachers to create consistency along with more engaging lessons and experiences for our students. Click the image at the left to see all the important dates at BHS this year! The late starts descriptions of “Team, Department, and Staff” refer to meetings our teachers will attend and are not something students/parents need to worry about.

Challenge Success and Beckman High School

As we move into the 2019-20 school year, you may hear counselors, teachers or administrators refer to the "Challenge Success" program. If you are new to Beckman and are not aware of the program, take a look at this link and familiarize yourself wit some of the advice and suggestions that they give to parents of high school age students.

Some Important Links for Your Reference

Beckman High Website - General Beckman Info

Bell Schedules - Copies of our various bell schedules

Aeries Portal - where student info such as grades and attendance can be found

Beckman Athletics - find athletic schedules, coaches emails, etc