Tech Tools for High School Science

Tools that help facilitate Blended Learning Models

Connected Multimedia with ThingLink

ThingLink is a way to create a shortcut that connects your students to all the media and information you want them to see collected and embedded into one image. You start with an image and you can link any part of that image to text, other images, videos, or websites. Use ThingLink in small groups to have your students researching, note-taking, and collecting information while you assist other students in small groups. It is so easy you can also have your students create their own ThingLinks. As your students are collecting resources for a research project, have them embed their links and notes in a creative manner that works as a resource easily shared with classmates.Take a look at an example ThingLink below.

Creating Interactive Lessons with Touch Cast

TouchCast allows you to create five minute broadcasts full of all the interactive media you want your students to view. Use your recording time to give students project instructions, subject overviews, or models of experiment procedures. Within that you can embed photos, videos, websites, polls, PDFs, and other media links. Students can click on the links and explore the resources you have provided them. Make a collection of interactive information for students to explore in small groups or revisit as needed. By making Touch Casts you can now be free to work with students in small groups while other students have a productive lesson to complete.
Introducing TouchCast

Controlling Media and Information with NearPod

NearPod is a tool that allows the teacher to control and manipulate the information being presented on student devices. Within the app you can add slides of information, videos, links to the web, polls, quizzes, and much more. This tool allows you to engage students actively and have them interact during a lesson. It give the teachers both formal and informal assessment information so that you have immediate data on what your students know and do not know. Use this app at beginning of a unit to form groups based on previous levels of learning, and then use it again at the end of the unit to assess growth. The best thing is you can import slides you have already created and adapt them to make them more interactive.
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