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Notes from the Den | Volume 2 : Issue 6 - August 23, 2021

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Principal's Message

Happy Monday Team Bear Creek,

Well we finished last week strong and started this week equally as strong. I want to acknowledge the hard work put in by you, your children, and our staff.

I also want to acknowledge that things are hard right now, it seems like just a few weeks ago we were banging out school tours and discussing how awesome it was going to be to be back to normal. Well here we are again in an even more emotionally charged environment.

Let's stick together and lift each other up as we have done in the past.


Much Love and Light,


Department Newsletters

Arrival and Dismissal Notes


Arrival is actually finishing sooner than it was last year however it seems like it is taking longer, weird I know! I added another staff member on our end and I am trying to get creative for more assistance which would allow me to the opportunity to work the cross walk which is causing me concern. Here the little things matter such as making sure your child is ready to get out and go when greeted at the front.

I know it is hard in the morning but we still have children needing quite a bit of time to get out the car which should not be happening as you are waiting in line for at least 10-15 minutes prior to pulling up to the front.

Also make sure that you are not leaving a large amount of space between cars, those feet add up and put more cars on Escarpment.


We are improving times dramatically and getting into a rhythm. We have one cul-de-sac that has decided to car pool getting four more cars off the road AND we moved 5th grade car riders to the back getting about a dozen more cars off the main line. Just keep on being kind and patient and we will get there soon.

Safe and Ready Schools Presentations (Updated Covid-19 Protocols)

You can reference the slide deck here which includes new guidance on removing masks during recess.

Please understand that these shifting guidelines and the highly highly charged environment are wearing away at us as a staff which is very unfortunate. I am asking for help from you as parents and partners to assist us as we continue to move forward.

What I am asking right now is for parents to handle this at home and let their children know it is ok to take off their masks but also ensuring that they must be socially distant from others which may impact what activities they normally participate in which often includes a lot of close contact.

I am asking that parents contact their teacher to let them know it is ok to take off their mask.

What I have in regard to guidelines indicate that masks should be worn at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, unless students are outdoors and can remain distanced while engaged in vigorous physical activity. This applies to recess at the elementary level as well.

Additionally, campuses will identify a special location for students choosing to wear a mask while outdoors and engaged in physical activity and for whom it becomes necessary (or requested) to temporarily remove their mask.

These new procedures are currently in place.

What To Do If Your Child Is Not Feeling Well

What Do If Your Child Is Not Feeling Well

If your child is ill with symptoms consistent (cough, sore throat, stomach issues, headaches, fatigue, congestion, etc ...) with Covid-19 contact Mr. Crissey and your child's teacher and then the following protocols must be followed:

Students May Return After

10 days have passed since symptoms started, and improvement in overall symptoms, and 24 hours have passed without fever and use of fever-reducing medication.


Provide doctor’s note to campus health room staff stating that symptoms are not COVID-19-related and student can return to school.


Provide a negative COVID-19 test. This MUST be a PCR test not a rapid test.

As an FYI the same holds true for staff members.

Enrichment Fees

As we begin to start our second year in existence we are busy planning enrichment activities and naturally budgeting becomes a focus. The Austin Independent School District allocates approximately $60 per projected student which comprises our annual district budget. This budget funds operational and instructional basics such as copiers, instructional material, and custodial supplies.

Even with this assistance we still request your individual support in funding enrichment activities for your children. Collecting enrichment fees is a regular part of a school year cycle, however based on the pandemic and the endless pivots, twists, and turns I felt strongly about not asking for funds during our first year.

Enrichment fees are student centered. By policy we can only use the enrichment fee for student materials and activities. Should there be any money left over in the grade level account at the end of the year, it will be advanced with the students to the next year’s grade level.

Please note that $1 of each enrichment fee goes to the Bear Creek Elementary Physical Education Department.

Class t-shirts will also be provided using portions of this fee.

If you are unable to pay this fee, the administration and the PTA have set aside some scholarship funds.

Please submit payment no later than September 20, 2021. Payment may be made online only.

PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, And Second Grade Enrichment Fee = $30

Third Grade, Fourth Grade, And Fifth Grade Enrichment Fee = $80

The additional $50 for grades 3-5 is allowing us to have Hello World come in a provide one hour of coding language instruction per week starting in October. We are VERY EXCITED to partner with them and we are VERY PROUD to be the first elementary school in the district to have coding as their second language for every child in the intermediate grade levels.

Hello World has an established and respected presence in our community and we are so fortunate to directly partner with them during the school day. The partnership was vetted through our campus advisory council during our May meeting.

For more information about Hello World read the brief article below the payment links.

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Hello World

Bear Creek Elementary is incredibly excited to welcome Hello World back to our school! Hello World computer science programs are designed by PhDs from Harvard, UT, and Rice University, with the ultimate goal of having students think and tackle challenges like engineers, a skillset that enables students to thrive in any career.

Our school will be integrating Hello World into our curriculum for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to strengthen students' computational thinking, applied creativity, and problem solving capabilities. Hello World curriculum is aligned with various rigorous learning standards including the Math TEKS, CSTA, NGSS, as well as the AP computer science exams, which we hope students take by the time they're in high school! Past students have developed impressive portfolios as a result of participating in Hello World courses - see example student projects here.

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Counselor's Corner (SHE'S HERE!!!!!)

Hello Bear Creek Cubs!

My name is Sarah Jane Devins and I am honored to be Bear Creek’s Counselor! I go by Sarah Jane, double name. I grew up outside of Boston, MA then college brought me South where I lived in Charleston, SC for the last 5 years. I have a funny, sweet pup who draws a lot of attention with his fury looks (french bulldog/maltese mix)! I love to travel and spend time with loved ones! I truly look forward to meeting the Bear Creek Elementary community and working together!

As a side note we went and visited each classroom today and made introductions.

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We have fresh inventory. If you HAVE NOT completed the Google Form for new tech please do so now. We will have technology out to everyone before close of business on Wednesday. The devices will go home with your students.

PTA Paw Prints

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Welcome back, Cubs! The 2021-22 year is off to a great start!

A new school year means a new PTA year as well! Start the year off right by joining the Bear Creek PTA. Together we can support our teachers, build community, and help Bear Creek thrive.

Join today at

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Bear Creek Spiritwear is online and ready to purchase! We have restocked many of our kids sizes, but we will sell out fast. All proceeds benefit the Bear Creek PTA. Order today at
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The new school year is beginning and Bear Creek PTA is looking for Cub volunteers! Two important needs include a Yearbook Coordinator and volunteer crossing guards. Please email if you are able to support in these areas!

If you would like to volunteer in other ways, please complete our PTA Volunteer Interest Form. We’ll record your interest and be in touch as soon as we are able to utilize volunteers on or off campus. Thanks!


Please reach out to me at