Come to the world called Minnesota!

It's amazing!

Come to America and see it's wonderful beauty!

Life here is amazing. We have a lot of farming fields. America is a free country, you can do whatever you want. I hope you make the right decision. St.Paul is a great place to visit. Alexander Ramsey, Stephen Riggs, and Henry Hastings Sibley are all here in Minnesota. Alexander Ramsey is our first Governor. Alexander Ramsey helped Minnesota become a state. A good way to get here is probably by steamboat. Alexander Ramsey once said quote "I feel a conviction," he said, "that this country, once thrown open for settlement, would be peopled with a rapidity exceeding anything in history of western civilization."

Minnesota is the best.

Come To Minnesota.

It's a great place to farm, buy land and build a house. We have a giant park that has a huge tree. It's Amazing to look at. This park also has a garden.

We have farm able Land!

You should come see our farm able land in Minnesota!