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Our goal is to bring a welcoming change to your outlook in just two weeks! Whether you're competing with frustrating thoughts or just looking for mind-clearing moments, we can help! Through yoga and peaceful exercises, our top notch counselors will make you more aware of the integrity of your ethics, as well as your morals. By the end of the challenge, your honesty and respectfulness will be first on your list of thoughts! Guaranteed.

Why take this class?

This class is designed to make you aware of the role your integrity plays in your life. If a person acts with mean and immoral intent, chances are each value is corrupted. When this occurs, the person tends to think of absolute goals, where they will do anything to get it, even if it's the extremely wrong decision. In their eyes, they can see no evil. Corrupted integrity usually leads to an unsuccessful end, whether it's not achieving the goal at all or hurting everyone around them while they achieve it. Our instructors are here to show students how to play out these scenarios and see what can happen without integrity. We want to help the victims of corruption gather their strings of honesty and tie them back together through relaxing and caring techniques.

Make a Goal. Have Ambition.

Take the challenge, start today!

Classes are held outside the recreation center in the center of town, beginning every Monday 3-6. Classes are only cancelled if stormy weather occurs, so come rain or shine! We hope to see you there!
"The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.” -Harper Lee

Make the Most of your Time with Us!

If you'd like to prepare yourself to be in the right frame of mind prior to taking the course, watch any or all of these movies and see where integrity and honesty play a role in your life.


"Mean Girls"

"Les Miserables"

"Mall Cop"

"It's a Wonderful Life"