Faculty Meeting

First one of the year!

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Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 20th, 2pm

Ms. Kim Courville's Classroom

We are getting ready to meet our students tomorrow, and we want all of you to be as prepared as possible. Therefore, we will be discussing the items mentioned below.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, we would love to hear from you during our meeting!


  1. Office Procedures

    1. Attendance

    2. Grading

    3. Substitutes

    4. Substitute Folders

  2. Students

    1. Student schedules

    2. Schedule changes

    3. How kids enter building

    4. Lunch & exterior doors

    5. Lunch areas

    6. Late procedures

    7. Parts of the building (jh/hs) areas

    8. Kids without a schedule

    9. Before school areas (jh/hs)

    10. New students

    11. No chromebooks, paperwork,

  3. Staff

    1. Parking

    2. Furniture/Room issues

    3. Teacher websites

    4. Sped

    5. 504

    6. Pickup map

    7. Advisory period - student code of conduct

    8. Enrichment period- student code of conduct

    9. How to reconfigure for enrichment

    10. Dismissal

    11. Emergency procedures

  4. First day

    1. Student assignments for schedules

    2. Advisory/Enrichment

  5. Other

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