nail polish

types of nail polish and arts

Where can nail polish be found

Nail polish can be found in many ancient cultures, now its more popular than it ever was. Nail polish has got better by time because now a days with all the electronics we have to help us make more and improved nail polish. Female population in the western hemisphere. Nail care was always important part of high fashion in modern times, but it was in late 17th century when first portraits with shiny nails started appearing. From that point on, nail care and accompanying cosmetic products started trickling down to the general population, becoming widely accepted during the Victorian age.

why do females wear nail polish?

It can change the way your outfit or style, depending on the color, and it usually makes your hands look prettier and more... graceful? And your fingers look longer. And its fun all the different kind of art we can do.


  • Paint your nails with a clear base coat. ...
  • Paint your nails with the white nail varnish
  • Put sticky tape around your skin and cuticles
  • Add your choice of nail polish
  • Us a tooth pick to make a destine
3 More easy water marble nail art step by step tutorial