Principal's Update

August 31, 2015

PLC News


Last week, we asked that every team sit down together and establish norms for your meetings. We have started to receive these norms from a few teams and look forward to receiving them all by Friday. We will start with our team norms and then will move into team leaders meeting norms, department meeting norms, faculty meeting norms, etc... The idea is to start with a group that you know really well and is small in size and then move to the larger, more diverse groups. Norm setting can be more challenging when the group expands. Please don't shy away from setting up the procedures for what to do when people aren't following the norms. We are all professionals here :>) Thanks for working on this important task as we further PLC work in our school!

During our Monday Leadership Team Meeting, we talked about the following items:

Silent lunch as a consequence for students

  • Increasing our literacy and research expectations for students to prepare them for rigorous high school course work
  • Fire drill review/ Safety update
  • Wellness- Upgrade our state healthy schools rating level through the morning walking program and activities
  • Student outdoor lunch activities coming soon
  • Ipad rollout

Your grade level administrators and counselors may touch on the items above as it pertains to your grade level or area of instruction.

Calendar this week

Tuesday September 1

Faculty Meeting- 4:00 Media Center

Wednesday September 2

Falcon Zone Parent Meeting 5:30pm Media Center


-No school on Monday- Labor Day Holiday

-Athletic events start next week with 8th grade home football game on September 9th against Banks Trail Middle School.

MAPS Testing for Reading September 9th

-Progress Reports due September 11th

Moving Fast to Understand "SLO"

Our faculty meeting this week will focus on SLOs. SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) are a part of all certified teachers' evaluations this year and we want to begin our journey towards helping you understand our expectations and the State's expectations of you as a teacher. Don't worry... We will go slow to be sure we are all together in our understanding. : >) For those of you on GBE, this will be your GBE for the year. For those of you participating in NTI, you will complete this with us to prepare you for the next level.

About us...

Sullivan is an IB Middle School seeking to provide challenging opportunities to students that will make them not only better students, but also better people...