Annabelle Tylenda

Rainforest Biome

Rainforest Food Web

The producers are the orchids, the seeds, the banana tree, and the grass. The primary consumers are the macaw, fruit bat, grasshopper, and the tapir. The secondary consumers are the python, iguana, frog, and caiman. The jaguar can be classified as a secondary consumer or a tertiary consumer. The decomposes are the fungi, worms, and bacteria.

Symbiotic Relationships

Humans Impacting the Environment

How Can We Impact the Environment?

Humans are impacting the environment in too many ways to count. These impacts can be good or bad. The positives are helping endangered animals, controlling wildfires, cleaning the environment. However, humans also cause negatives. They cause air, land and water pollution, and are weakening the Ozone layer in the atmosphere.