Shutterbug Swing :3

Flags, Pictures, n Music is what i live for <3

Nickelback - Photograph


My personality type is Blue :3 I tend to care about others before myself. I like to work on my own but don't mind working in a group. I take almost everything seriously and quick to use my heart before my brain. I'm encouraging and tend to get the job done!

Right Side for the win!

I use my right brain more than I use my left. I express myself in more ways then some people. I'm very artistic and I let that show when it comes time to doing projects, assignments, or just other things in life. I'm a butterfly when it comes to socializing with friends.

Kudder Results :{)))

Working with the team of me, myself, and I!

I work better by myself because I know exactly how I want things done, which is just how I like it. Though I can work very well in a group I just tend to be alone rather then worrying about my partners.

Future School Years or the leading a career?

Freshman year I will continue working on my photography!

Sophomore I will try to do some photography jobs and put myself out there.

Junior year I will continue on my work from my sophomore year.

Senior year I will put myself out there further and get into my photography career.(:

Future Career?..

My future career goal would be photographer, because that's my passion and its what I love to do.<3

The path to success!

Once I get out of high school I'm going to college to major in photography. <3

Levels of education to achieve

Once out of college I hope to get a masters degree in photography and to find a job and use my education for the best. (: