February @BVNLibrary

Field Trip to the Library!

On Wednesday Feb. 12th, inmates from the Lansing Correctional Facility visited the library along with students from Mrs. Pence's Sociology classes. Students listened intently to 4 gentleman as they shared their incarceration stories and patiently answered student questions. The field trip was very valuable as students had been studying deviance in terms of sociology and after the field trip, students wrote analysis papers of their experience. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm with which students thanked the visitors and many students who happened to be in the library also listened and joined in on the field trip.

Freshman Biology and Biomes

Students in Mr. Hill's Biology classes researched, wrote about and presented information about various biomes. The students used library databases, books, and websites to complete their work. While students were working, we spoke with Mr. Hill about revamping this project for the future. We agreed on a new project where students will be dropped in a deserted location according to their assigned biome and have to survive for 21 days, much like the Discovery show "Naked and Afriad", minus the naked part! Students will address the same material as the current lesson, only in a different format. Information about hazards, food, terrain, possible shelter, climate, and many other areas of survival needs are addressed. We are happy with the current project but are so excited to see how the changes will affect student work!

Sociology in 3D

Students in Mrs. Pence's Sociology classes also began their team competitions by creating teams while each student created a 3D design of a lapel pin for their team. Pins were designed in TinkerCAD and printed on our MakerBot Replicator 2. Each student created a design, wrote a 1 page document about their design and process, and sold their design to the team with a short presentation. Each team voted on the designs they liked best and the winning designs were printed for each team member! The students had really impressive designs and all students reported that the process of learning new software quickly, using it to create a project, and presenting it to a group to be very valuable. As seen in the pictures, they turned out great!


Students in Mrs. Worthington's, Mrs. Weir's, and Dr. Ream's AP English Language classes completed the research process this month. Students wrote research papers over self-directed topics and worked in the library while developing questions as a group, developing questions over individual topics, finding relevant articles, note-taking, and citing sources in MLA format.

In Dr. Ream's & Mr. Taylor's ELA 3 classes, students also wrote research papers over topics related to the environment. Students completed a shortened version of the questioning process completed by seniors, but used the same note-taking skills and citing techniques. These resources can be found on our MLA page here.

ELA 2 in MovieMaker

Students in Mrs. Moran's classes created videos using MovieMaker. We made this quick guide to help students with the technology. The videos included reviews, theme, and tone for Into the Wild.

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