2020 Summer Experience

Boswell Elementary - For incoming 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders

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Boswell Summer Experience Opportunities

A Pirate's Journey-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Ahoy! Take a pirate's virtual journey to a new Caribbean island every day. Learn about some legendary and crazy pirates, as well as study oceans, and ocean life in the Caribbean. We'll take a "journey" and learn about some of the islands in the Caribbean where pirates liked to sail around. We'll take a look at some shipwrecks, and also learn about some of the ocean life that swims around them (yes, even sharks!) You will also come up with your own pirate name and flag. Have fun making pirate and ocean themed projects using salt dough, paper mache and build your own miniature pirate ship! Be ready for messy art projects. See you soon mateys!

A Summer At the Movies-incoming 3rd grade

Join us for a grand summer experience: A Summer at the Movies! Each week will be full of fun and adventures based on a theme from a movie. Explore the great American past-time of baseball and ocean life.

Animal Planet-incoming 3rd-5th grade

If you love learning about creatures from all over our world; this is the course for you. We will learn about fascinating creatures in the oceans, jungles, forests, and deserts. You will get the opportunity to use technology to research animals that you may have never heard of to share with others, so don't forget to bring your chromebook to summer experience. You will have fun making crafts and will also learn how to design and draw animals in their habitats. You will get to meet guest speakers, such as the the K-9 unit from the police department. The forester from the Conservation department will come to teach you about our forest. The Cackle Hatchery will be providing us with eggs, so that we can watch them hatch. I hope to see you this summer!

Are YOU a Myth Buster?!-incoming 4th-5th grade

This super cool science class will have you in myth-buster mode! Make boats and see how many pennies it takes to sink it. Can eggs really cook in the sun!? Are any two finger prints alike?! Do plants need light to grow?! This is a class you won't want to miss!!

Are you a Survivor??-incoming 4th-5th grade

Let's survive together as we explore I Survived books. We will learn how to persevere by creating and researching activities. We will learn how to cook, go swimming, and movies for learning how to survive.

Buzz Into Fun-incoming 3rd-5th grade

This summer experience class is buzzing with fun adventures! We will keep you on your toes and experience learning through a hands on classroom. We will become “Mad Scientists” as we create and explore many different science activities. We have plans with marble coasters, legos, arcade games, towers, and bridges as we explore the world of engineering with Makerspace and STEM. Of course we want to spend some of our time cooking up some tasty treats that you won’t want to miss. Come and join us in July for these things and so much more!

Camp Alaskan Adventure!-incoming 3rd-4th graders

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to Alaska or wondered what life was like in the Land of the Midnight Sun? Come learn with someone that lived and had Alaskan adventures for 20 years! I would absolutely love to share my Alaskan adventures with you through art, crafts, science, technology, and more.
Monday/Make it Mondays Students will create a variety of Alaskan crafts such as but not limited to soap carving, beading, and weaving.

Tuesday/Try It Tuesdays Students will participate in trying out a variety of fun and new experiences such as gold panning and origami. We hope to do some cooking and try some tasty Alaskan food.
Wednesday/Water Wednesdays Students will learn about Alaskan ocean life while we squeeze in some fun water activities!
Thursday/Thought Provoking Thursdays Students will have learn about the indigenous people of Alaska, village life, animals, and more.
Friday/ Freaky Fridays Students will enjoy some fun-filled virtual learning every Friday.

Camp Olympics-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Camp Olympics is a class is all about the Olympic games. We will dive in and learn about the ancient games that were played in Greece, the summer sports, as well as some famous Olympians. Another component of this course is that students will separate into different teams or “countries” and compete in several competitions for medals. In this class you can expect to learn lots of new things and have some fun outside. We will be trying many olympic activities. Come light the torch with me and begin a summer adventure!

Camp WHATCHAMACALLIT-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Camp WHATCHAMACALLIT will have a little bit of everything. Every morning, we will start the day with a fitness activity. Next, we will be working on Shark Tank inventions and learning about business opportunities in Lebanon. After lunch, we will work on up-cycle projects by turning one person's trash into another person's treasure. To finish up the day, we will focus on exciting history topics, STEM style challenges, and life skills lessons.

Continental Buffet-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Join us for a culinary adventure of a lifetime as we travel the world to experience cultures in a new way...learning through our taste buds. Students will learn about the geography, history, and culture of countries from around the globe while using their math and science skills to create the most tasty foods from each continent. Also, we will have several guides (may visit the school or have virtual visits) from California Enchilada Cafe and Adelman Travel Agency to show us around. We will need their help as we go on a virtual wild animal safari through the Dickerson Park Zoo. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and grab your passport to experience the Continental Buffet!

DIY SCI-incoming 3rd-4th grade

Get ready to put on your safety goggles and go on an experimental adventure of a life time! This class is based off of the T.V. show DIY SCI. If you love science, If you love nature, but if you love experiments most of all then DIY SCI is the class for you. DIY SCI is perfect for hands on learners who like to get dirty and dig right in. We will be doing hands on experiments every day.

Empowering Kids-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Are you interested in helping out our community? Service projects empower kids with responsibility and foster their compassion toward others. A service project can support the elderly, our furry friends or our veterans by partnering with local agencies. For this mini unit, we will learn about we will learn about our nursing homes and decorate place mats and cards to show that we care about them. We will learn about our local animal shelters and make dog biscuits to donate to a local one in need. Additionally, we will discuss what it means to be a veteran, and write thank you letters to our local heroes. Please join us and become empowered.

Explore Your World with Disney Pixar-incoming 3rd-4th grade

The creators of some of our favorite animated films were inspired by the world YOU live in. From the deep ocean depths with Nemo, to the African Savannah with Simba, together we can learn about the real life inspiration for the movies we love. Join me and learn about our favorite animals and the wild world they live in. We will complete several STEM challenges about animal habitats, adaptations, and life in the zoo. We'll even explore some different animal habitats through virtual field trips. I hope I get to see you this summer!

Fun for Foodies & Creative Crafters-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Fun for Foodies & Creative Crafters- In this course students will split their time between creating yummy, kid friendly food creations and a craft of some sort. The Fun for Foodies course will teach young cooks about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy foods. We will also share some of our favorite foods. Students will be asked to bring in a favorite family recipe to create a class cookbook! As part of this course, we will also be focusing on staying healthy and active, so we will be visiting the local swimming pool weekly. Put on your aprons, wash your hands, and get ready to join in the food fun! The Creative Crafters course will teach students to recognize their creative talent! Students will create masterpieces to display in their home, as well as fashionable jewelry and other creative art. Students will be working with watercolors, clay, yarn and other decorative items. Join us to find out what new and improved wild creations you will take home!
**Please be aware that food products are used that may contain food allergens such as nuts, eggs, milk, wheat and soy.

Game On-incoming 3rd-5th grade

In the summer experience class, “Game On”, students will be given the chance to learn and play a variety of fun games both individually and in group settings. The games we will play include board games, card games, outdoor games, and interactive games. We will be learning to play classic games such as, Monopoly, Life, Uno, and others! We will also design our own game! If you want to spend your summer experience playing games, then this is the class for you!

Magic Tree House Travelers-incoming 3rd -5th grade

Get ready for adventure!! Students entering grades 3-5 take a journey with me as we become Magic Tree House Travelers. We are going to travel alongside Jack and Annie and watch the adventures unfold!! You will have the chance to explore a variety of different Magic Tree House books. Everyone will dive into the deep blue sea, explore the amazon rainforest, and live among the dinosaurs. As Jack and Annie explore the ocean, we will go on our own swimming adventure. There will be lots of time spent playing games doing crafts and activities based on each place we visit. We are going to do many hands-on activities and learn more about each book we are exploring. This summer is sure to be filled with new opportunities, fun, and adventure!

Makerspace Experience-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Welcome to Makerspace Experience at BW! Sign up for the Makerspace Experience to explore, build, create, and tinker this summer. Possible activities include the following hands-on projects. Explore innovative tech tools to create green screen videos and program robots. Design and build towers and bridges using Keva planks. Create your own video game using Bloxels. Experience virtual field trips to discover new and exciting locales as well as Zoom with experts. So many choices and opportunities to explore and learn this summer! You do not want to miss this exciting experience!

Nature Kids-incoming 3rd-4th grade

This course is a fun-filled experience full of learning all about Nature. In this course, students will learn about Missouri’s animals, weather, and water systems. We will explore facts and experiment with the world around us, including possible visits from local experts! Get ready to have a blast learning about the world in our backyards!

Summer Adventure Camp-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Everyday can be a summer adventure! We will try new things, explore cultures, do hands on science experiments, outdoor fitness games, STEM challenges, and have a lot of fun. . You never know what adventure could happen at this summer camp. Each day will be themed: Movie Monday, Try it Tuesday, Weird Science Wednesday, Taste it Thursday, and Friday will be virtual field trips!

Tech Squad-incoming 3rd-5th grade

Do you love technology? Are you interested in electronics? Then Tech Squad is for you. We will explore various platforms of technology including Edison Robotics, micro:bit, TinkerCad/3-D Printing, Raspberry Pi and various coding opportunities. Register for Summer School and be a part of the Tech Squad!

The Art of Theme Parks-incoming 4th-5th grade

Do roller coasters interest you? What about Disney World and all that goes into making it such a detailed adventure? We will look to the professionals and observe how they build and create what they do! We will explore just exactly what makes a theme park fun? Come join us as we create our own theme park ride and adventure inside our classroom!

Yellow Jackets Scientists (Experiments and STEM!)- incoming 3rd-4th grade

Students will become YellowJacket Scientists as we interact with FUN science experiments and STEM EVERY DAY! We will become scientists as we put on our lab coats and safety glasses to engage in thrilling science experiments including making our own rockets out of 2 liter bottles and making elephant toothpaste!!! Creativity and fun will be had by ALL!! Come join me for Summer School FUN!