Take a Trip On Our Airship!

Everybody wants to!

See The World From Above.

Take a trip and see the world from above in our new battery powered airship! Get propelled through the air by four propellers run by our state-of-the-art battery powered engine. we are in control of the flight the whole time! Some of the most famous people ride our airships, Grover Cleveland and Scott Joplin to name a few. It was amazing to see the world from above - Scott Joplin. Seeing the landscape from different landscape was delightful - Benjamin Harrison.

Why Ride Our Airships

In 1858 Henri Giffard invented the airship, we improved upon that idea and added a battery powered engine and more propellers. we later completed the first round trip in 1886. Our ships can take you from any destination and back within a range of 5 miles.