The Tertiary Peroid!

Travel back in time!

The things about the Tertiary period

The Climate In This Period


The climate in the Tertiary period is warm and dry but in other parts of the world the climate can be moist, cold, and wet.

Fun fact! At the end of the Tertiary period the ice age began after that.


The Major Geological Events That Happened

The major geological events that happened in the tertiary period. The Himalayas started to form in this period. Also The continents started to move to their present day locations (the world used to be scattered around the world). The final major event the continental glaciers started to cover the continent Antarctica.



The animal and plants in the tertiary period were animals such as horses, elephants, bears, rodents, and primates (Primates are like gorillas, apes, and etc...) The first grasses started to appear in this time period. flowering plants were around the area. The environment in the tertiary period is that the sea had high water levels and also it had flowering plants every where.


The Main Things You Would See

If you travelers were traveling around the environment the main things that you would see is the plants blooming and growing, some animals around, and the geography of the earth.


The Things You Should Pack

If you wanted some things the pack for comfort and safety pack these items: a set of warm clothes, hiking boots, binoculars, scuba gear, a warm jacket, and a weapon to protect yourself from the dangerous mammals.


The Things You Might Face

While traveling travelers might face large mammals walking among the land. Also travelers might also get Hypothermia while traveling in other places in the tertiary period. So you better get your warm coat on and be safe!

Fun Facts!!!


Fun Fact - The Tertiary Period was the age of the mammals

Fun Fact - The Ice Age started after the tertiary period ended

Fun fact - This was the period when the first grasses started appearing