News report, are cell phones safe?

Are cell phones really safe or are they just causeing damage

Cell phones might be an issue because it causes brain damage

Are cell phones safe , or are they just causing brain tumors. Numerous peer reviewed studies have shown that an association between cell phones use and the development of brain tumors." It doubles the risk of being diagnosed with glioma on the same side of the head where the phone is held." (

Cell phones aren't as bad as you think.

Cell phones are good in many ways.

"According to the Wireless Association (CTIA), more that 400,000 wireless 911 calls are made every day." All though people say that cell phones may cause brain tumors,"In July 27, 2011 study found that there was no association between cell phone use and brain tumor risks among children and adolescents."If cell phones were causing cancer we could expect a significant rise in the rate of brain and other related cancers." Also cell phones are a good thing for when your in trouble. With a click of the finger you can easily call 911 if your in an emergency. (

In conclusion

I do think cell phones are safe. People say they cause brain damage, but there is also people who say it doesn't cause damage. Honestly, cell phones are safe because they help with emergencys. what if u were out of town by yourself and you didn't have a cell phone. You had an emergency. What would you do?