Learning in Room 226

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Classroom Beliefs

This week we worked to develop a list of things we believed to be true about learning and school. These beliefs will help guide our interactions and work each day.

  • People should feel safe and welcome.
  • People should be free to express their ideas.
  • When learning people have to keep trying over and over again.
  • People make progress when they concentrate on goals.
  • People grow and learn when they share strategies and ideas.


Book Stacks

Our class has read and read and read this year! I am impressed every day with the reading I see going on and the conversations students are having about books. Over the next few weeks students will be stacking all the books they read this school year. You can see pictures on our Twitter account !


Literary Essay

  • As an essayist, we read texts closely to respond to them in writing. This close reading helps us to better understand concepts and to develop our thinking in these ideas.
  • Using specific details from the text we have read helps essay writers to support their ideas. By supporting their ideas with clear evidence, we make it easy for our audience to see the truth in our ideas.
  • Essayists develop ideas and use information they have read to support their writing. Writers are open to revising ideas.



  • Measurement
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Geometry

Important Dates

May 29th -- Mother/Son Field Day

May 29th and May 30th -- Park Hill Art Fair

May 1st -- Kindergarten Roundup

May 2nd -- MAP Testing

May 3rd -- MAP Testing

May 9th -- All School Appreciation Breakfast

May 9th -- Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Vincent Class Field Trip

May 11th -- Early Release

May 12th -- Genius Hour Create and Share day

May 19th -- Walk to School Day

May 24th -- Field Day

May 25th -- Last Day of School -- Half Day

May 31st -- First Day of Summer School!