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Our mission

"Our goal is to reduce teen substance abuse and support families impacted by addiction".

What does my donation go towards?

Your generous support is critical to our ongoing research of drug-related attitudes and the development of our educational programs and campaign. We build healthy communities, advocating for change for greater access to adolescent treatment and recovery support, as well as funding of youth prevention programs.

Our success

During the winter wish gala, we raised over 1 million dollars in donations.

In 1990 we reached 1 million dollars per day in donated time and space.

1994 we became the first non profit to win the grand Effie award, recognizing effective advertising efforts in the U.S., with our "Inner City Campaign"

2000, chairman Jim Burke was awarded the "Presidential Medal of Freedom", the nation's highest civil honor, by President Bill Clinton.

2005, Recognizing that addiction is a treatable disease, we unveiled our "Hope Help and Healing" campaign to encourage people to get help for themselves or a loved one who they believed may have a problem with drugs and alcohol.

2005, we launched Meth360, a community education to help communities prevent the spread of Meth throughout the USA.

2005, We were honored with a lifetime achievement award at the National Television Academy Public and community Service Emmy Awards

2007, our research showed that kids who consistently learn about drugs from their parents are 50% less likely to use drugs and alcohol than kids who do not.

present day

In the mid 1980's when the nation was using lot's of crack, and cocaine, we started an organization committed to drug prevention. Over the past 28 years our message is the same, but more powerful. We have had great success, and have played a major role in getting our nations children to stay away from drugs, and help those who have had problems with addiction. We have launched many programs throughout the years, and have created better, improved, healthier communities in The United States.

David Lofferts story

David Loffert had life going on the right track. Attending North Colorado, John's Hopkins, and Virginia Commonwealth, David was a bachelor of science and life was looking good, and he worked his way up to Doctor pretty soon. Focusing on respiratory medicine David was becoming very successful, and was proud of his accomplishments and was looking forwards to promising future. But then life started spiraling downwards for David. David was getting terrible headaches, and decided to see a doctor. He was prescribed 6,647 pills. Pills for all sorts of stuff, like studying, focusing, sleep, pain ETC.. David became addicted and started stealing pills, and drugs from all over the world. No one stopped him because of his high up title in the science and medicine world. Quickly David's addiction affected his work. He was fired from his job, his family turned against him, and he was homeless. David fell into a deep depression, and continued his addiction to drugs. During the next 9 years David tried to kill himself twice, had 35 toxic overdoses, and had 45 seizures. David had lost complete control of his life. But when it seemed the darkest hour, a light shone. That light was The Foundation For Drug Free Kids. The foundation put David in a recovery foundation, and he straightened out his life. Now David's future is once again promising, and over flowing with possibilities.