Principal Update

October 27th, 2015

BSE Commons Space being readied for Makerspace!

Many of you have taken notice to the fact that I have removed all of our trophies and awards from the common's display. Why would one principal do such a thing?

Recently the team leaders spent the day brainstorming the spaces in our school. This brainstorming occurred after a visit to FHS College and Career Academy and the Amy Beverland Reggio Early Childhood Center. Our quest was to find and repurpose our spaces with our students fully in mind.

The next few months Fatima and I, in partnership with our team leaders, will provide discussion around what we are calling Reggio Influence and 21st Century (HSE21) student spaces. We know that cultural and environmental change will only occur with all of you being part of the discussion, so we promise to bring it to you soon.

We have so much to discuss and so little time, so the TL's have given me permission to take a leap with our new makerspace to set the tone for the possibilities of future change for our students.

Makerspace: A place where students can access materials, construct, build, and apply their thinking in a collaborative manner.

The Plan: Glass shelves out, wood shelves in. Tables are built for working space in the commons, baskets and bins are filled with materials ranging from cotton balls to sticks to glue and tools. Students have open access to these materials during project or collaboration time that you provide.

Trust: Trust is at the center of Reggio influence where we speak highly of the image of a child. We will dig into our image of a child big time the remainder of the year. In doing so we will find that our environment is one that was built around control and delivery of information. Our quest is to shift the child to the center where they are trusted and given choice throughout their learning environment.

The article I emailed you today (Examining the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education, 2001) is important. It will help our team have a common understanding of the Reggio influence we will focus on. Please think of THE IMAGE AND ROLE OF THE LEARNER.





As we move into November we will collect and construct our new makerspace, advertise it, and then open it. Please understand the core components of Reggio influence and join in the dialogue at the team and staff level that will be happening fully in November and long into May. I was thrilled and motivated by the brainstorming that your team leaders provided on our visit and hope to repeat the visit in some format with more of our staff.

What do you think?

RTI Mid-Year Data Review

Here is our mid-year plan for NWEA and RTI data review that will be here before we know it.

NWEA - The window opens Nov. 30th. and at this point we assume ALL students are testing. If you would like to opt your class out of the schedule, please email Mrs. Thorne. ALL Tier 2 and 3 students MUST take the assessment.

During this testing window, essentially the month of December, RTI grade levels will NOT be occurring on Tuesdays. If you have serious concern about a student during that window of time email me and I'll arrange for a special RTI December meeting.

In January, beginning Monday the 11th and ending the 15th, we will complete grade level (all staff) mid-year data reviews of NWEA results. RTI Reps you need to send me your team's preference of date, during that window, and time AM (7:45AM) or PM (4PM). Those who do not respond will be scheduled by me based on availability.

Any questions should be directed to me please.

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress." - Frederick Douglass

Election Day Security November 3, 2015

This election day we can keep our school safe by remembering the following:

1. Staff and students should be on alert for adults without proper identification and name badge from the office. Post or encourage off duty staff to man supervisory positions, check hallways and remind all staff to be particularly observant.

2. Limit Outdoor Activity - Consider venues for outdoor Recess, PE, Bus & Car rider drop-off, and pick-up procedures. Venues close to the voter entrance and exit should be avoided. In-class options are best practice. (Right now the weather for Tuesday is predicted 40% rainy and high 60s low 70s). If you can stay in, please do!

3. Review Procedures – Evacuation, Reverse Evacuation, Secured Perimeter, Lockdown.

New safety Plan will be emailed today, Oct. 27th, 2015, review it! Paper copies will be coming soon.

Consider this....

Veterans Day Plan - 2015

This year BSE is promoting the JEANS FOR TROOPS DAY in honor of all of our Veterans. On November 12th, we hope to see our students, parents, and staff donating $5 to the link below. We will send a skylert and place in the newsletter as well. Please show your support and help us offer a donation to the many amazing men and women veterans who need our help!

I encourage you to use this date to offer your students their "own" class response to how they would like to honor those who have protected our Nation. A great mini-project opportunity.

Forgive me for the side view of the picture...couldn't get it to turn!

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A must read!

COACH CORNER - From Fatima

Balanced Math Quadrants

We have heard our math leaders and Dr. Flessner himself talk about the importance of shifting our math instruction to include Problem Solving, Fluency and Maintenance, Inspecting Equations, and Number Work into our weekly practice. So what now?

How can YOU...

1. Pick one quadrant to excel in

2. Collaborate as a grade level to identify a quadrant you can push each other with

3. Hold yourself accountable with your planning tool (template) to expose learners to all quadrants in some capacity

4. Just like reading and writing, what questions are you asking in math?

Madison Wisconsin Math Binder Resources

Primary click here

Intermediate click here