My Math

Information for Delran Township School District Parents

My Math Implementation Schedule

September 2017: Full implementation in grades 3-5 at Delran Intermediate School, and in K-2 Math Committee teachers' classrooms at Millbridge

September 2018: Full implementation in grades K-2 at Millbridge

Why My Math?

After considering many programs and resources, we selected My Math for the following reasons:

  • It is highly aligned to NJ Student Learning Standards.

  • It provides rigorous and challenging problems with real-world applications.

  • It provides extensive support and resources for teachers, including additional activities to help struggling learners and to challenge students needing extension and enrichment.

  • Student workbooks contain support for students and families, including fully solved example problems on HW pages.

  • It includes a robust technology component which can be used in the classroom and at home to support student learning.

Online Support for Students & Families

  • Lesson animations

  • Tutor videos of teachers working through example problems

  • Self-checking online practice quizzes

  • Virtual manipulatives

  • Games

  • Download & print HW pages if the workbook is forgotten!

  • ...and more!

Watch the 3-minute video below, which shows how to access the online tools for My Math.

Number Worlds Intervention Program

My Math has a companion program, called Number Worlds, which can provide further support and intervention for students who need it.

Number Worlds:

  • is a highly-engaging math intervention program.

  • is aligned to NJ Student Learning Standards and connected to the on-level program, My Math.

  • helps struggling math students get up to grade level.

  • focuses on real-world applications.

  • intensively targets the most important standards.