Camera Angles and Shots

By: Kailee and Walker

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Weather Shot

This can be used to show the weather and the setting. it can be used like a very wide angle shot. It can show calm weather, or a dark and stormy night.

Very Wide Angle Shot

This shot is used to "establish" the scene or setting. This can be used at the beginning of a scene to show the setting and characters.

Cut in

This shot moves to a different part of the subject. For example, if someone was angry and was making fist, the camera could change to show the fist.

Wide Angle Shot

This shot shows mostly the character and a bit of the background. It leaves room just above the head and below the feet.

Middle Shot

This is closer on the character or subject than before. It shows a lot less of the lower body then before, but still leaves room above the head. Look at the difference between the wide angle photo and this one.

Middle Close-Up

As you can guess, this will be between a middle shot and a close up. This will show more of the face, but not be super close like the next photo.


THIS ONE IS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!!! This shot can be used to show emotions and also have the viewers a good look on the character or subjects face. We couldn't make the photo smaller, but you get the gist.


An extreme close up is another easy to explain shot. this shot is used to show extreme emotions, like crying or anger in your eyes.

Conversation Shots

Over Shoulder Shot

This is used when two character are talking to each other. This can be used to feel almost like you are there. This gives the feeling of the character who you are looking over.

Point of View

This makes the viewer feel even more like that person. The camera is used to show what the character see's and can involve a lot of movement.


Eye Level

This shot is used to keep an even level on the subject or character. It's neutral, due to it being flat. This is also used a lot in basic photography because it shows the entire face area and the subject usually looks at the camera.

High Angle

This is used to look down on someone. When you look down on someone, you feel they are below you. This also makes the viewer more powerful and is usually used in a over the shoulder shot, or POV.

Low Angle Shot

A low angle shot is used to show power to the subject. It shows they are powerful and they look down on people. This also can be used when the hero finds something important.

Bird Eye View

This shot is shot right on top of the subject. It can be used in a dramatic way, but it's unnatural due to the fact we humans don't fly.


This shot uses a eye shot with a tilted camera. This changes the perspective and makes things interesting.

Rule of Thirds

This is where the shot is divided into nine sections with three lines across and three lines up. This leaves nine boxes, and you usually want your main subject in the center of the nine boxes.
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Very funny Superbowl commercial 2015 - Doritos Angler -

Over the shoulder

This is used to show from the subjects perspective. It's usually used during conversations, but it's used here more like a POV shot. However, since it's a fish, they most likely used this shot, due to the fact a fish's POV would be hard to distinguish from just a regular moving shot. Plus, fish don't have shoulders.
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Close! Up!

This shot is used to tell emotion and facial expressions. As you can see, this shot isn't an extreme close up, but is still close enough where you can easily see the subjects emotions. In this case, it's shock.
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Wide Shot

A wide shot is used to establish the setting or place. In this case, it's used to show both subjects. This shot also shows the fish jumping back in the water.
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