Literacy News from Sarah Pagogna

September 2021 Edition

When I am not at school...

I love to watch my girls play volleyball. I have a senior playing in her 3rd year on the Varsity team at Flushing HS and a freshman playing on the JV team. The girls keep us busy year round with travel volleyball. This year, I am learning how to be a football mom to the wonderful boy we have invited into our home for the school year.

When I am not watching sports, I am an avid reader of psychological thrillers and historical fiction. I love to listen to my Pearl Jam Pandora station while cooking meals for my family. Making lasagna is how I show love!

What is my role?

As an Early Literacy Coach for K-3 teachers, my role is to support teachers in all content areas to help students grow as literacy learners. I will support teachers by providing professional learning around the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy. We will analyze assessment data together, plan for next steps in instruction, and review and revise teaching practices to better meet the needs of students.

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How can I support you?

1. Model Lessons in your classroom

2. Observe a lesson and provide meaningful feedback

3. Co-plan a lesson with you

4. Side-by-side assessment of a student

5. Analyze data together and plan for next steps in instruction

Stay tuned for a more complete menu of coaching options. I look forward to working with you this year!

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September focus on Motivation and Engagement

Essential Instructional Practice #1

1. Create opportunities for children to see themselves as successful readers and writers

2. Provide daily opportunities for children to make choices in their reading and writing

3. Offer regular opportunities for children to collaborate with peers in reading and writing

4. Help establish purposes for children to read and write beyond being assigned or expected to do so, such as for their enjoyment/interest, to answer their questions about the natural and social world, to address community needs, or to communicate with a specific audience

5. Use additional strategies to generate excitement about reading and writing, such as book talks and updates about book series.

Take the Perception Survey to check your knowledge and comfort level with Essential 1

K-3 Essential 1, Bullet 5: Motivation Sample Video

Experience and Education

This is my 21st year in Kearsley. My roles have included teaching Kindergarten, 1st grade, Reading Recovery, and Leveled Literacy Interventions. Last year was my first year as the Early Literacy Coach working through the Genesee ISD in multiple school districts.

I earned my BS in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University with a major in Language Arts and a minor in Early Childhood Development. I earned my Masters in Education from Saginaw Valley State University with an additional Reading Specialist Degree. I continue my love of learning by working with experts in the classroom and with training through the Early Literacy Coaching Network.

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