Joyce Hall

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Joyce Hall & Hallmark Cards

Joyce Hall was,

-Determined, He started his buisness over again after a Factory fire.

-Brave, He changed "Hallmark Brothers" to the present name, "Hallmark Cards" with his brothers fully against it.

-Self reliant, After his brothers left because of the minor change he only had his self to rely on

Joyce Hall was incredibly succsessful because of his hardwork that went into making the cards. Yes they are still made with love, but not Joyce Hall's love. He was also succesful because he didn't give up when he ran out of money and when his first factory was destroyed and his funds. The slogans and hysterical comics on the cards are made with love and laughter. Who wouldn't want one. The only thing stopping this company from growing larger would have to be the mininum price for a card, $4.95.

Below is a video of what goes into making some of the basic Hallmark cards.

Hallmark Card Studio 2012 Tutorial
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